In 2019, we found no proof Brian Kolfage purchased a yacht — or any other personal items — with money raised for building a border wall. But in respectable 2020, organization leaders to be indicted ~ above fraud charges.

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Published15 might 2019Updated20 august 2020

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The governing rule of the new organization also collection out the creation of “finance and also audit committees to ensure every spending is supplied towards the declared purpose the the organization, structure segments the border wall,” Kolfage stated in one email.

We additionally reached out to Stern, that told united state that Kolfage had evaded his questions about the specifics of his finances, and added that “Brian Kolfage has actually no apparent sources that income” however recently bought two Yamaha boat engines for the newer yacht, “while his finances purportedly broke down after on facebook shut under his fake news pages.”

It’s true that on facebook took under a network the websites operated by Kolfage in 2018. Kolfage used to own Right soup News and also ran the famous FreedomDaily facebook page. The sites “frequently trafficked in false and also politically divisive news,” NBC reported. ( typically debunked story posted by FreedomDaily when it remained in operation.) Kolfage was accused of to run an email-harvesting scam utilizing those sites.

But Kolfage told united state he has actually other streams of income, which encompass day trading and investment money. He received around $100,000 from a department of Defense life insurance program after shedding three four in Iraq; he invest the money in 2005, and it thrived exponentially. He own a coffee company and told us he has actually been “blessed in my life, and making smart options with my money has provided me the financial freedom to afford points that I have actually today.”

According come NBC News, Kolfage has a long history of fund-raising for miscellaneous causes, and also NBC reported that since 2013, “he’s offered GoFundMe come finance experienced projects and also lawsuits and to buy land.”

More than 337,000 human being originally donated come the GoFundMe, a number that dropped to practically 262,000 after it ended up being clear the the campaign would no reach its declared goal of raising $1 billion. (Kolfage had actually initially pledged come refund all the money if the score — or “significantly close” to it — was no reached.) at that allude donors received refunds unless they proactively directed GoFundMe to save their money in the campaign.

Most the the money, $14 million, remained in the campaign, return $6 million was refunded, according a GoFundMe spokesman. A solitary donation for $6 million consisted of the difference.

Recent UpdatesUpdated to note that the leaders of the company were indicted on federal fraud charges.Updated to note Kolfage ran the famous FreedomDaily facebook page, and also include photos of "We build the Wall" bylaws worrying compensation.
Published15 might 2019Updated20 respectable 2020

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