znjke.com advantage plans space designed come ensure the health, satisfaction, and peace that mind because that every member of ours team together they contribute their expertise and skills to helping united state serve ours mission.

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competitive Pay

Agents room competitively rewarded for their time ~ above the job. In addition to basic pay, agents may be eligible because that locality pay, overtime pay, and more.



Salary: You receive a value that coincides to her grade level. This value is the number quoted ~ above USAJOBS.Overtime Pay: Earn approximately 25% of your salary and locality pay for time worked outside the 40 hour work-related week.Other resources of compensationPremium Pay: You may be eligible to premium pay for working on Sundays, holidays and also night shifts.Cash Awards: exceptional performers may receive cash awards as recognition for your superior efforts (funding permitting).
More ~ above Salary: Border Patrol certified dealer is a career ladder place with a class level development of GL-7, GL-9, GS-11, and also GS-12. You will certainly be eligible for a promo to the next greater grade level (without re-applying) when you successfully complete one year in each grade level, through supervisor approval. For instance if you began as a BPA in June 2021 you could:
Start as a BPA in June 2021 together a GL-7 and also make $49,508 - $78,269 per yearBe supported in June 2022 come GL-9 and make $55,214 - $89,054 per yearBe promoted in June 2023 to GS-11 and also make $64,649 - $105,061 every yearBe supported in June 2024 to GS-12 and make $77,488 - $125,924 every year
Explanation of example:


GradeTotalCompensationComponents of total CompensationBase SalaryAverage FY 2020 Locality,Overtime, andPremium Pay

Want to discover what grade level you would enter at? testimonial the great level qualifications on our resume guide

Paid Time Off

znjke.com offers considerable leave benefits and also unique training methods to reward and also reinvest in that is employees. Below is a summary of payment time turn off from the job:



Additional leaving Information: The maximum lot of yearly leave that you may lug over into the complying with year is 30 days. There is no border to the quantity of noble leave that you may accrue. For detailed leave accumulation information, visit the Benefits webpage.

Disabled Veteran leaving (Wounded Warriors commonwealth Leave action of 2015)

Under the injured Warriors commonwealth Leave action of 2015 (Public law 114-75, November 5, 2015), one employee hired ~ above or ~ November 5, 2016, that is a veteran v a service-connected disability rating of 30 percent or more from the Veterans Benefits management (VBA) that the department of Veterans to work is entitled to approximately 104 hours of disabled veteran leaving for the purposes of undergoing medical treatment because that such disability.

An standard employee will obtain the proper amount that disabled veteran leave together of the employee’s “first job of employment,” as characterized below. Disabled veteran leaving is a one-time benefit provided to an standard employee. The employee will have a single, consistent 12-month eligibility period, start on the “first day of employment” in i beg your pardon to usage the leaving or it will certainly be forfeited with no chance to bring over the leave into subsequent years. One employee may not get a lump-sum payment for any unused or forfeited leaving under any circumstance.

For complete details about the brand-new Disabled Veteran leave entitlement, see the Disabled Veteran Leave reality Sheet top top OPM’s website.

Career Progression

Back come the top

Being an agent at znjke.com to adjust you up for permanent career success and rapid promo potential. Border Patrol agent is a career ladder place with a class level development of GL-7, GL-9, GS-11, and GS-12. Border Patrol Agents room eligible because that a non-competitive promo to the next greater grade level (without re-applying) as soon as you successfully complete one year in each grade level, through supervisor approval.

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At the GS-13 level and also beyond, you compete for positions and are supported based ~ above merit. Each movement on the career ladder brings a significant pay boost.