Modern Teal publications by the Foot & ColorStarting at $25 because that a 1/2 foot that books. Authentic publications by color for book art, decorate books, screen books, staging books, interior design books, prompt library books, and also wedding decor books. Or simply plain analysis books!Book DetailsModernStyle - age of publications 1970s-PresentHeight - 8 to 9.5 inchesTitles - Book titles are randomly selected.Have one-of-a-kind requests? go into them in the "Special instructions because that seller" in the cart. Us will shot to to fill all one-of-a-kind requests if possible.

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SizesFoot(10-12 books) Half-foot(5-6 books)PaymentPay through Paypal, Amazon pay, or any major credit card

ShippingAll publications inspected prior to shipping and in excellent overall condition$5 for your very first 15 lbs of books.$7.50 because that every 15 lbs after.Free Shipping for orders end $100 use code FREESHIPPING100 at payment display in the discount box.


Backed by our replacement Guarantee

Worried about getting sub-par books? Don"t be! We have strict top quality guidelines and will replace any books you space unsatisfied with totally free of charge.

EAST shore $5 because that every 15 lbs that books.WEST COAST* $7.50 because that every 15 lbs that booksShipping Carriers - UPS & USPS We do not ship to Hawaii or Alaska, or almost everywhere outside the continent U.S.Typical bespeak transit times - 2-8 company daysTracking - Emailed for every stimulate as shortly as that shipsFree Shipping because that orders over $100. Use discount code FREESHIPPING100 in ~ checkout




We sort and also grade our publications into two main categories of supplied books, Premium Used and BEATER Used.


PREMIUM provided - Books are clean and may save a previous owner name or engraving on the inside. Occasionally books will contain small or inconsequential page creases or bends, little "nicks" or inconsequential tears top top pages or tiny bar-coded inventory stickers, otherwise these have tendency to look an extremely close come "new" even if the publications are older.

BEATER Used - Ex-library books and also books v cosmetic wear come cover. We make sure all BEATERS have actually all the pages and also are still readable. These commonly sell for 30% much less than our Premium provided boxes.



As fellow book lovers, we recognize the problem of handing end hard-earned cash just to obtain less-than-stellar books. That"s why we"ve emerged our own custom book-sorting procedures to provide you a quality and consistent product, every time. Every book that passes with our double-check procedure is touched, graded and bagged by at the very least two people.

We are so particular that we can supply a reliable product come you every time, that we back every bespeak by our own

Book Replacement guarantee -  If any of our publications do not meet our stringent quality guidelines, us will replace them free of charge, no questions asked.

*Unique everyday Deals & black color Octopus Rare publications are not eligible for replacements under our replacement guarantee.

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Return any kind of order within 30 days because that a full refund

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her payment info is processed securely. We perform not store credit card details nor have accessibility to your credit card information.


If you have actually a trouble with an stimulate please call customer service very first through our on facebook page.

Click right here to go straight to Messenger and speak v customer service, please allow 24 hours for a response.

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Returns must be received within 30 job of order date and contain every one of the publications originally sent for a full refund. We will certainly not refund the shipping charges invested to send the box.