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Joel C. Rosenberg is a famous American communication strategist, author, and founder that the Joshua Fund. Rosenberg has regulated to pen under a total of five novels on terrorism and also how he actually feels around the relationship between terrorism and also Bible prophecy.

1The last Jihad 2002Description / Buy
2The critical Days 2003Description / Buy
3The Ezekiel Option 2005Description / Buy
4The Copper Scroll 2006Description / Buy
5Dead Heat 2008Description / Buy

1The Twelfth Imam 2010Description / Buy
2The Tehran Initiative 2011Description / Buy
3Damascus Countdown 2013Description / Buy

1The 3rd Target 2015Description / Buy
2The very first Hostage 2015Description / Buy
3Without Warning 2017Description / Buy

1The Kremlin Conspiracy 2018Description / Buy
2The Persian Gamble 2019Description / Buy
3The Jerusalem Assassin 2020Description / Buy
4The Beirut Protocol 2021Description / Buy

1Epicenter 2006Description / Buy
2Inside the Revolution 2009Description / Buy
3Epicenter research Guide 2009Description / Buy
4Inside the Revival 2010Description / Buy
5Implosion 2012Description / Buy
6The invested Life 2012Description / Buy
7Israel at War 2012Description / Buy
8Enemies and Allies 2021Description / Buy


He has additionally penned down two non-fiction publications Inside the change and Epicenter. These two books are based on what the writer sees together a same of present events and biblical prophecies. Rosenberg and his wife have four sons and also currently reside in Israel. Rosenberg’s father is of Jewish descent while his mommy is that English descent and was born in a Methodist family.

At 17 years, Rosenberg became a staunch Christian, and also currently, he identify himself as a Jewish believer in Christ. In the year 1988, Rosenberg graduated from Syracuse University. Instantly after working, he began working for one, sirloin Limbaugh, together an assistant researcher.

Later on, Rosenberg began working for Steve Forbes, a United claims Presidential candidate as his project advisor. After part time, Rosenberg opened his an extremely own political consultancy service that that ran till the year 2000. Joel C. Rosenberg insurance claims to have actually consulted because that Natan Sharansky, the former Israeli Deputy element Minister and Benjamin Netanyahu, the present Israeli element Minister.

After Netanyahu’s loss in the year 1999, Rosenberg made decision to retire native politics and began a brand-new career together a writer. His very first book was titled The last Jihad, i m sorry was additionally the an initial installment in a 5 component fictional series that mainly focuses on terrorism.

When the last Jihad was published, the spent more than 11 weeks on the bestseller’s list of brand-new York Times. This novel was also featured on the bestsellers list of Publishers Weekly and also USA Today. A steady mass media watch team known as Media Matters for America criticize Rosenberg’s work during Paula Zahn currently on CNN.

Joel C. Rosenberg Awards

Despite the fact that Rosenberg has not been nominated for any major literary award, he has had major success top top the bestsellers list. His first book, The last Jihad, spent 11 mainly on the new York times best-seller list and got together high as number seven. The book likewise spent a an excellent amount the time on the USA Today and also Publishers Weekly best-seller lists. The book likewise got up to number four on the wall Street journal list.

He complied with that book up v The last Days and that spent 4 weeks top top the new York Times finest Seller List. He’s had some quite success and each book seemingly security time on these prestigious lists.

Joel C. Rosenberg books into Movies

The Epicenter is a documentary, i m sorry is based on Joel C. Rosenberg’s novel new York bestseller Epicenter. The book was filmed on location in the Middle eastern region, Rosenberg and Skip Heitzig command exclusive interviews with a variety of leaders from government, Christian ministry, business, and also military.

Joel C. Rosenberg finest Books

The Auschwitz Escape: This is just one of the finest performing publications by Joel C. Rosenberg. Rosenberg has actually authored this outstanding novel, which will relocate you come tears. This novel opens up up in an exceedingly little and quiet community of Sedan, France. According to history, Sedan to be the soil zero for the Panzer militaries of German that were proceeding to Germany. The opening line the the book is the statement the is mental by the first character that we meet in the book, Jean-Luc Leclerc. These exceedingly an effective works mark the beginning of this exorbitant story. He remembered this words while analysis a book.

Apart from Jean Luc Leclerc, us are additionally introduced come Jacob Weisz, one exceedingly young 17-year-old Jewish boy. The boy is having actually a recall to so late 1938, as soon as Avi, his uncle had actually been trying to teach Jacob top top the prominence of survival, different protection techniques and also being Jewish was no a an excellent idea. Together misfortune and fate litter Jacob and also Jean-Luc together, will certainly Jacob have the ability to Jean-Luc, a gentile to escape Auschwitz? Rosenberg has done an exceedingly good job that scattering historical events throughout the book, which supports the story. Auschwitz is commonly known due to the fact that no one had left the region alive. This story pays homage to the more than 144 civilization who regulated to escape.

Rosenberg has achieved an enthralling historical fiction account, i beg your pardon painstakingly keeps the background in this story. An excellent opportunity for a human being to brush increase on the details such as the executive Order 9417.

The critical Jihad: The plot in this publication is exceedingly exciting, and all the Biblical prophecies are rather profound and also in some instances thought provoking as well. This publication is set after the tragic occasion of September 11, 2001. Osama Bin Laden has actually been found dead, however Sadam Hussein is still in power and also continues come plot against the West. However, a job comes as soon as simultaneous and also coordinated assaults throughout Paris, London and also Riyadh and also several places in the U.S. The real civilization similarities in this one will have you top top the sheet of your seat.

Dead Heat: The many fiercely contested presidential election in American history is walk on and also the winner will certainly say a lot about how the points will go in this bitterly separated country. Battle is top top the horizon, over there is a new dictator in Iraq, north Korea is ready to strike and oil prices space surging to record highs. The civilization is in trouble and also this election will decide a lot, however when the an enig Service to learn of a terror plot to assassinate one of the candidates – they aren’t certain which one. The terrorists desire someone dead, yet who? and can the US forces stop them before the civilization breaks the end into human being War 3. Drawing on real people events, Rosenberg creates a politics thriller the will have actually your love pounding and also the pages transforming as you ask you yourself “Could this really happen?” Let’s hope not.

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When does The next Joel C. Rosenberg book come out?

Joel C. Rosenberg doesn"t it seems to be ~ to have an upcoming book. Their newest book is Enemies and Allies and was exit on September, 7th 2021. The is the newest publication in the Joel C Rosenberg Non-Fiction Books.