more than two years ago, little St. James Island, a small component of the U.S. Virgin Islands, started to adjust in ways that the locals on surrounding islands pertained to with suspicion. Plants were cleared. Poles bearing American flags went up. Protection guards lined the beaches.

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These transformations, according to the connected Press, occurred when the island to be bought through accused child-sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein, that was discovered dead by noticeable suicide in his jail cell on august 10. The island has, over the years, got a handful of sinister nicknames: “Orgy Island,” “Pedophile Island,” and also “Island of Sin.” (Epstein, Bloomberg reports, desired the nickname “Little St. Jeff’s.”)

Though much of what transpired top top the island has actually remained the topic of rumor, it’s most likely that much more concrete details will quickly emerge: on Monday, at least a dozen FBI agents raided Epstein’s small St. James residence, a office spokesman called NBC News.

Below, every little thing to know about Epstein’s ties to the island.

The island to be Epstein’s main ar of residence.

In 1998, because that $7.95 million, Epstein purchased small St. James Island, i m sorry is situated in between the bigger St. Thomas and also St. Man islands. After buying the 72-acre human body of land, Epstein outfitted the island through towering palm trees, multiple buildings, and a helicopter pad, Bloomberg reports.

Though not countless details have actually been reported about the interior of the main residence, a former employee stated that Epstein had two offices, i beg your pardon no one yet the maid was enabled to enter, wherein he kept protection boxes. A former IT contractor who operated for Epstein indigenous 1999 through 2005 likewise shed light on what to be to be uncovered inside Epstein’s residence: many photos of naked women.

“There to be photos of topless females everywhere,” contractor Steve Scully told alphabet News. “On his desk, in his office, in his bedroom.”

There’s also what shows up to it is in a secret blue-striped temple. According to Insider, i beg your pardon investigated the structure, it formerly featured a gold dome that flew turn off in 2017 when the hurricanes Irma and Maria ruined the region. If the function of the holy place is unknown, one opportunity is the it had actually served together a place for the classically trained Epstein to exercise piano — workers defined it together a music room through acoustic walls and a cool piano inside, together the AP reports.

But seriously, what's up v this weird holy place thing on Jeffrey Epstein's exclusive island?

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exjon) July 9, 2019

Conspiracy theorists have suggested that the temple was either a secluded setup for Epstein’s abuse or that it covert a concealed underground ar for the same purpose. James Both, a contractor whom Insider consulted with for the story, detailed that while that was possible to download an underground space or elevator, the building would have actually most likely been recorded by a merchant to ensure constant inspections.

Both likewise pointed out the temple’s questionable wood door, which attributes a reinforcing lock bar. “What makes it strange is the if you want to keep civilization out, the bar would be placed inside the building, locking bar appears to be put on the external … together if it were intended come lock people in,” the said. According to Scully, though, the building is simply a gym. (He claims, however, the the gym allegedly functions an especially large framed photo of a topless woman.)


Epstein likewise had an interest in “pirate treasure,” among his previous employees called Bloomberg. Reportedly, Epstein would certainly pay staffers anywhere in between $100 and $1,000 if lock discovered and also gave to him old rum bottles, plates, and other dishware.

He allegedly ran his trafficking ring there.

According to Fox News, Epstein had a specialized team of employees on the island who trafficked girls together young as 12 to his clients. To get there, Epstein would certainly fly the underage girls into St. Thomas, and also then he would ferry them over to his personal island via a boat named Lady Ghislaine, one previous employee told Bloomberg.

Once top top the island, the underage girls and also women speak they to be coerced right into sexual to meet and, in part cases, even held hostage. Buy it Ransome, who claims Epstein instructed her to have actually sex with lawyer Alan Dershowitz once she remained in her 20, stated she tried come swim off the island, only to be discovered by a find party that contained Epstein and also his alleged madame Ghislaine Maxwell. (Dershowitz insurance claims that he has actually never met Ransome). She likewise said that they maintained her passport therefore she couldn’t leave — a ruthless tactic they allegedly used in an attempt to hold much more than one victim against their will. In a 2015 defamation sue filed against Maxwell, the home manager for one of Maxwell’s nearby friends testified the a “distraught” 15-year-old sweden girl said him that Maxwell had actually taken away she passport and also tried to pressure her to have sex v Epstein while she to be on the island. (In a statement, a spokesperson because that his former employer dubbed this case “demonstrably false and also defamatory.”)

Furthermore, in his interview v ABC News, Scully said that he typically saw groups of girls who “couldn’t have been more than 15 or 16 years old” talk ATVs and bathing topless.

and he reportedly ordered heavy renovations while that was encountering a potential life sentence for his duty in claimed alleged trafficking ring.

According to permit records obtained by NBC News, when Epstein’s legitimate team was liven negotiating a notoriously lenient plea deal for their client in the fall of 2007, Epstein was preoccupied through orchestrating significant renovations ~ above the island. (He would eventually plead guilty to 2 counts that soliciting prostitution from a minor, hence dodging commonwealth sex-trafficking charges, and serve just 13 months in jail.) During this time, Epstein reportedly ordered the building and construction of a spa, a life room the would attach to a ground theater, a brand-new kitchen, and two new guest rooms. Altogether, he sought to increase his residence by nearly 20,000 square feet — a change that turned his main house into a mansion.

invoice Clinton allegedly visited the island, despite he has repeatedly denied the claims.

Virginia Roberts, who claims to have been trafficked through Epstein, told her lawyers in 2011 interview that she saw Clinton with “two young girls” on the island. “I remember asking Jeffrey, ‘What’s invoice Clinton act here?,’ type of thing, and he laughed it off and said, ‘Well, he fan me a favor,’” Roberts told her lawyers.

Clinton, however, has actually repeatedly refuse this allegation through his spokesperson.

“President Clinton to know nothing about the destructive crimes Jeffrey Epstein pleaded guilty to in Florida part years ago, or those v which he has been recently charged in new York,” point of view Urena stated in a statement. “He’s not talked to Epstein in fine over a decade, and has never ever been to little St. James Island, Epstein’s ranch in new Mexico, or his residence in Florida.”

Statement ~ above Jeffrey Epstein.

— angel Ureña (
angelurena) July 8, 2019

Per Bloomberg, Les Wexner, chairman and CEO that the L brand corporation (the parent agency of Victoria’s Secret), also spent time on the island top top at the very least occasion, one employee said the outlet. (Victoria’s an enig models accused visited, together well). Additionally, the previous prime minister the Israel Ehud Barak told the everyday Beast that he had visited the island, though he clearly said the he go not satisfy Epstein “in the firm of women or young girls.”

many recently, Epstein purchase a surrounding island.

In 2016, Epstein to buy the nearby good St. James Island, i m sorry is roughly 165 acres, for $18 million. This year, the had begun construction top top a compound there despite a stop-work order that had remained in place due to the fact that December. The link was to attribute an amphitheater, one underwater office, and pool, according to the Virgin archipelago Daily News.

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On July 9, U.S. Virgin archipelago Delegate to congress Stacey Plaskett claimed she would be corresponding the donations she had received indigenous Epstein end the years to give to institutions in her ar that emphasis on women and children. “I to be uncomfortable having actually received money from who who has actually been accused of this egregious action multiple times,” Plaskett said.