Superior Court judge Timothy Walmsley stated he’s concerned that Gregory McMichael and also his adult son, Travis McMichael, took the law into their very own hands and also endangered next-door neighbors when they pursued the 25-year-old Black male with guns and also shot him in a residential street.

In this picture made indigenous video, native left, father and son, Gregory and Travis McMichael, accused in the shooting fatality of Ahmaud Arbery in Georgia ~ above Feb. 2020, hear via closed circuit tv in the Glynn county Detention facility in Brunswick, Ga., on Thursday, Nov. 12. AP
BRUNSWICK, Ga. — A Georgia referee Friday refuse bond because that the father and also son charged through murder in the February slaying the Ahmaud Arbery, saying he’s came to the white males took the law right into their own hands and endangered neighbors when castle pursued and also shot the Black male in a residential street.

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Travis McMichael and also his father, Gregory McMichael, have actually been jailed because their arrests in May, more than two months after Arbery to be slain. The McMichaels equipped themselves and chased 25-year-old Arbery in a van after lock spotted him running in their neighborhood just outside the harbor city that Brunswick.

Defense attorneys for the McMichaels to speak the men had actually legal rights to seek Arbery due to the fact that they had actually reason to doubt he to be a burglar. They also contend Travis McMichael was defending himself as soon as he blasted Arbery three times with a shotgun, since cellphone video of the shooting shows Arbery punching him and grappling because that the gun.

Prosecutors speak Arbery was no criminal yet was merely out jogging and also the McMichaels acted together “vigilantes” motived by racist views. They additionally showed the referee photos the a house near the shooting scene that was damaged through gunfire.

“You deserve to interpret the video clip in a number of different ways,” exceptional Court referee Timothy Walmsley said attorneys while denying the men bond in ~ the hearing Friday. “But the video tells me yes sir a significant risk and also danger to the community”

Questions about whether racism played a role in the killing sharpened throughout a ahead hearing when an investigator testified the a 3rd defendant, that took cellphone video of the shooting, called authorities that heard Travis McMichael, 34, utter a gyeongju slur after the blasted Arbery three times with a shotgun.

In court Thursday, prosecutor Jesse Evans check out a article Travis McMichael post on facebook that supplied an attack term for Asians, as well as a text message Travis McMichael sent last year come a girlfriend that supplied a slur for Black people when referring to a “crackhead ... With gold teeth.”

The friend, Zachary Langford, at very first said he no recall receiving the message. After reviewing a transcript the the exchange top top the angry stand, the said: “He was referring to a raccoon, i believe.”

Defense attorneys for both McMichaels have actually denied any kind of racist engine in the shooting.

The McMichaels weren’t arrested until the cellphone video clip of the shooting leaked online and also the Georgia bureau of examination took over the case. In June, a grand jury indicted both McMichaels and a neighbor, william “Roddie” Bryan, on charges.

Each is charged with malice murder, felony murder, aggravated assault, false imprisonment and also criminal effort to commit false imprisonment.

In seek bond, defense attorneys because that the McMichaels said neither would flee or posture a danger of further violence. They cited Travis McMichaels’ te as a U.S. Shore Guard mechanic as proof that his character.

Lee McMichael, the mam of 64-year-old Gregory McMichael, testified the her husband had actually never shooting anyone after functioning three years as a Glynn county police officer and an investigator because that the Brunswick righteousness Circuit district attorney’s office .

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Bryan was previously denied bond. His lawyer has argued in court movements that the entire indictment must be dismissed.