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(znjke.com)As a historic "bomb cyclone" winds under on the West Coast, computer forecast models room hinting at a possible autumn nor"easter top top the east Coast starting Tuesday.

It simply won"t have all the snow that friend usually expect from this kind of storm. Instead, this intensifying storm will lug extreme winds and also heavy rain -- the critical thing new Yorkers really want to view after the destructive flash flooding this year.
"A rapidly occurring low pressure device south of long Island will likely create heavy rainfall throughout the region," the national Weather company in brand-new York says.
There is no doubt the the rainfall in the Northeast over the next couple of days will certainly be thus strengthening low push system. Yet there continues to be uncertainty on how solid it will get and how close come the coast it will certainly track.
"Anytime you have actually two locations of low pressure trying to combine in the warmth Gulf Stream off the Northeast Coast, models will certainly differ on their solutions," states znjke.com meteorologist Chad Myers.
Forecasters are details there will certainly be rain however still unsure of exactly how much. The Weather Prediction facility has issued a level 1 the end of 4 "marginal" risk" for extreme rainfall Monday and also a level 2 "slight" risk" for extreme rain Tuesday.

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"Rainfall totals together this time look to it is in on the bespeak of 2 come 4 inches," the weather service in new York wrote.



Rocks and also vegetation cover Highway 70 adhering to a landslide in Plumas County, California, on Sunday, October 24. Hefty rains blanketing northern California developed slide and flood risks in land that has actually been burned by wildfires.
A motorist surveys floodwaters from Lake Madrone cross Oro Quincy Highway in Butte County, California.