Last Year Rank: 89Investment Range: $1,494,934 - $2,408,000Initial Investment: $25,000Category: Restaurant

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Company Description

Bojangles well known Chicken ‘n Biscuits is a Southeastern chain that fast-food restaurants. Although the operates in only about a dozen southeastern and eastern U.S. States and also a tiny handful of nations abroad, Bojangles has an ext than 700 locations. It offers southern staples such as grits and also Cajun dishes, as well as biscuits.

The first location opened up in 1977 in Charlotte, phibìc Carolina, and the very first franchise location opened simply a year later. Bojangles has likewise initiated a brand-new restaurant style complete with a more contemporary look and also a “Biscuit Theater” wherein customers deserve to watch the biscuit-making process. In January 2019, The Jordan firm and Durational funding Management got Bojangles.

Company Statistics

Global Sales: $1,374,173,322US Units: 758International Units: 0Total Units: 758Percent Franchised: 57%% worldwide Units: 0%US Franchised Units: 432International Franchised Units: 0Sales development %: 3%Unit expansion %: 1.2%
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