Whitney Houston’s version of “I Will constantly Love You” is Houston’s signature song. Released together a single from Houston’s first movie duty in The Bodyguard, the song is Houston’s highest-selling and highest performing singles of her career. If it weren’t for she co-star Kevin Costner’s idea to start the song acapella, “I Will constantly Love You” would probably have actually not achieved the level that success. 


Whitney Houston and also Clive Davis 1985 | Peter Carrette Archive/Getty Images

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Foster at first liked “What i do not care Of The Brokenhearted,” a midtempo track by Jimmy Ruffin. Yet Foster just liked the hook the the song and needed something greater. That came throughout Dolly Parton’s variation of “I Will constantly Love You” and also knew instantly just how to make the song work for Houston.

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Costner insisted the song begin with an acapella. Foster was no a fan of Costner’s suggestion, agreeing to carry out the document Costner’s way for Houston’s power in the film. The planned to add music to the opened for the solitary release. Foster completed the mix by beginning Houston acapella, every Costner’s request, and also Davis loved it.

David Foster and also Clive Davis said over the opening of “I Will constantly Love You”

Davis and Costner love the original mix through Houston starting the track acapella, but Foster to be still no convinced. “It offered me chills,” Davis said.

Foster battled to add music to the song. Davis insisted the knew what Houston would certainly prefer. Still, Foster ongoing to fight his instance as that didn’t believe the track would be play on the radio if it started acapella. 

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“He repeated more obscenities in this conversation than I had ever heard,” Davis claimed of Foster. Davis reduced the conversation quick to avoid further conflict.

The final decision about the tune was left approximately Davis. He went with his gut and kept the opened of Houston to sing acapella.

“I Will constantly Love You” ended up being a large hit

Costner’s idea struck gold and thankfully, Davis listened. The tune spent 14 weeks at No. 1 ~ above the Billboard charts and also became Houston’s longest-running No. 1 single. 

The track succeeded during award display season as well, winning document of the year at the Grammy Awards in 1993, 6 Billboard Music Awards, and also two American Music Awards.

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“I Will always Love You” driven The Bodyguard into becoming the greatest-selling movie soundtrack of every time. Foster claimed the album marketed over 45 million duplicates worldwide.

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Foster later on apologized come Davis, v Davis saying of his conversation v Foster, “Everyone is phone call me informing me it’s the best record they’ve ever before heard in your life.”

Foster claimed of the experience, “It came to be the most crucial project of my life.”

“I Will constantly Love You” to be selected through the Library of conference for preservation in the national Recording registry in 2020.