Awoman in Tennesseewas killed and a cop was rushed into surgery following a shootout in a parking lot, graphic video shows.

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Footage that the Friday morning encounter between Metro Nashville Police Officer josh Baker and also Nika N. Holbert, 31, reflects the 14-year veteran cop deploying his Taser top top the woman while ordering she to acquire out that a car.

The officer watched tasing the woman prior to the deadly shootout.Metropolitan Nashville Police D

Baker climate tries to take it the woman right into custody together she yells and reaches for a handgun, opened fire top top the officer, that shoots ago and fatally wounds Holbert, the intense footage shows.

“Ma’am, you’re about to gain tased,” Baker tells Holbert as she starts to run away together the officer make the efforts to put her in handcuffs, follow to the video. “Get down! get down on the ground!”

Holbert, that was smoking cigarettes a tobacco at the time, ignores the cop’s commands and gets back into the car, whereby she is hit v the shock gun. She then screams for help while struggling v Baker together she sit in the driver’s seat and appears come reach for a weapon, the footage shows.

East Precinct OfficerJosh Baker was shot in the torso on march 12, 2021, amid the shootout.Metropolitan Nashville Police D

“Ma’am, put the pistol down!” Baker says. “Put the gun down!”

Baker falls to the ground after being shot and also calls because that backup, telling a dispatcher “shots fired” together Holbert cd driver off, the clip shows.

Holbert was later pronounced dead at a hospital, police said.

Baker, that was hit beneath his bullet-resistant vest, was in stable condition after experience surgery, police spokesman Don Aaron stated in a video statement.

Holbert to be pulled end after Baker noticed the the registered owner the the Chevrolet Camaro she to be driving was want on several drug warrants. She to be alone in ~ the time, video shows.

Nika Nicole Holbert to be killed during the traffic prevent that rotate violent.Metropolitan Nashville Police D
Demond M. Buchanan, the male whom the auto Nika Nicole Holbert was driving was registered to.Metropolitan Nashville Police D

After the shooting, Holbert tossed a semi-automatic pistol into the parking lot, wherein it was later on recovered, Aaron said.

Holbert originally cooperated through Baker, however her “compliance changed” once the officer uncovered what appeared to it is in marijuana and awhitepowderysubstance in her bag, prompting the to shot to detain she until backup arrived, Aaron said.

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The Tennessee office of Investigation and prosecutors from the Davidson County district Attorney’s Office space reviewing the deadly shooting, Aaron said.