New Haven police blocked off roadways after the exploration of person legs top top Wednesday morning.

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A pair of human being legs was found along a fence in thick foliage near the State Street Railroad terminal on Court Street late Wednesday morning, follow to police.

On Wednesday evening, police discovered a human being arm in a plastic bag ~ above a ledge below the Chapel Street bridge near Union Avenue. This was discovered just about one block east down State Street from where two human legs to be found.

Police stated it appeared the legs had actually been there for about one week. They stated they believe the legs to be found in between thick trees and also bushes along the fence line next to the train station.

"We don"t understand at this suggest by looking in ~ the evidence, we uncovered whether the human being is white, black, hispanic, male, female, no indication of age," said new Haven Officer David Hartman.

Someone from the office that the chief clinical examiner was called to the gather the human body parts. Lock will determine the age, gender and also race of the victim, police said.

No other body parts have been situated by police.

"Sometimes we"ve had world who room dismembered, if in truth that"s the case, this can happen to shot and litter investigators off as to where a person is and also who a human being is," Hartman added.

Police said an unidentified male approached one officer around the discovery and brought the officer come area where the legs to be found.

Michael Fumiatti functions in downtown brand-new Haven and said he noticed a strong odor if walking indigenous the train station previously this week and also wonders if it to be coming from that area whereby the legs were found.

New Haven police major Crimes department and the office of investigation are investigate the incident. Police stated they will looking in reports of absent persons to determine the victim.


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