VALDOSTA, Ga. (WALB) - The victim in a deadly Valdosta shooting has been identified and also a man has been arrested in connection to the shooting, according to Valdosta Police room (VPD).

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Jaylon Smith, 19, to be charged in link to the fatality of Jordan Coffee, 21.

On Wednesday, police stated they derived felony murder and aggravated attack warrants versus Smith.

The shooting taken place in the 2100 block that Bemiss road on Saturday.

Police stated two men, later figured out as Smith and also Coffee, to be both found with gunshot wounds. VPD said Coffee was found dead in his vehicle and Smith was uncovered with gunshot wounds come his lower extremities. That was later taken to the hospital because that treatment.

Smith was arrested Wednesday ~ he to be released from the hospital and also taken come the Lowndes county Jail.

“I to be proud that the tough work that our detectives and also crime scene personnel have actually done top top this case and also continue come do. Detectives are proceeding to determine other people affiliated in this occurrence and much more arrests will certainly occur. Us are continuing to check out too many senseless tragedies that space affecting too countless young lives,” Leslie Manahan, Valdosta police chief, said.

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Anyone with details on this incident is asked to call the Valdosta Police Department bureau of Investigative services at (229) 293-3145 or the tip line at (229) 293-3091.

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