Person found Dead in Waters the Lake Tahoe southern ShoreA human was uncovered dead in the waters that Lake Tahoe Tuesday, police said.

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Body found Along countryside Castro sink Road, Investigated as Suspicious DeathA person was discovered dead in a rural area of Castro valley over the weekend and also the death is being treated together suspicious, authorities stated Tuesday.

Body found in Homeless Camp near Beach at fifty percent Moon BayPolice uncovered a deceased human Sunday afternoon in a homeless encampment in open room between Venice State Beach and also Highway 1 in fifty percent Moon Bay.

Body discovered Along Pacifica shore in June established as missing San Francisco WomanA body the was found on the Pacifica coastline on June 10 has been determined as one at-risk mountain Francisco woman that went absent in so late May, according to authorities.

UPDATE: Pleasanton Police Announce body Found matching Description of absent Jogger Philip KreycikAuthorities announced Tuesday the a body corresponding the description of absent jogger Philip Kreycik was discovered in the Pleasanton park whereby he had actually disappeared on July 10.

San Mateo county Deputies investigate Body uncovered at Pescadero State BeachAuthorities are investigating after ~ a body was uncovered Sunday afternoon ~ above Pescadero State beach in san Mateo County.
Decomposing Body uncovered By Horseback Riders In Fremont Hills; investigation UnderwayAuthorities in Alameda County room investigating ~ a human body was uncovered in the hills over Fremont end the weekend.
Female Body uncovered in Water in ~ Pacifica's Pedro suggest Thursday MorningA female body was discovered in the water in ~ Pedro suggest in Pacifica ~ above Thursday morning and her death is now under investigation, police said.
Mountain watch Police investigate Woman discovered Dead close to Movie TheaterPolice officers in hill View room investigating the death of a woman whose body was found near a movie theater beforehand Wednesday morning.
Body discovered At san Francisco global Airport determined As mountain Leandro ResidentA body found at mountain Francisco international Airport has actually been determined as a Juan Corella Rodriguez, a mountain Leandro resident, authorities announced Monday.
Body found Near san Francisco global Airport Saturday AfternoonA human body was discovered near san Francisco worldwide Airport Saturday afternoon.
Body Of absent Oakland Boater found In DeltaAuthorities ~ above Monday shown the body of an Oakland male who went absent in the Delta after the canoe he was in tipped over this weekend has been found.
Decomposing Body discovered At Lake Chabot regional ParkA body was discovered at Lake Chabot regional Park, authorities stated on Wednesday.
Woman's Body uncovered In Livermore CreekThe California Highway Patrol received a report Monday afternoon that a possible dead human in Arroyo ras Positas, a creek ~ above state property near Livermore, a CHP spokesman said.
UPDATE: Man discovered Shot Dead in ~ Fremont Apartment Complex; doubt SoughtOne person was killed in a shooting in Fremont, which motivated a SWAT team an answer at one apartment complicated overnight.
'You space Not seeing Double': 2-Headed turtle Hatches ~ above Cape CodDo not readjust your screen. A turtle the hatched newly on Cape Cod walk indeed have actually two heads.
Naked Female at Denver global Airport Walked roughly Concourse A asking Passengers 'Where room You From?'A mrs passenger parading through a Denver worldwide Airport concourse last month without any type of clothing attracted attention from other passengers and airport police.

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New York City's yearly Columbus job Parade Marches Up 5th AvenueOrganizers say new York City's parade is the world's largest celebration that Columbus and Italian heritage.