Anthony Xavier Luna, 18, was established as the teen whose human remains were discovered on Dec. 4 in the 11400 block of Kearney Road.

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Courtesy Bexar ar Sheriff’s Office

The remains of one 18-year-old male — missing for much more than 3 months — were found in Southwest Bexar County and also identified Thursday by authorities.

Anthony Xavier Luna to be last seen obtaining into a black color vehicle and leaving Southwest High school on Aug. 27, Sheriff javier Salazar said. Luna’s family members reported him lacking on Sept. 11. The sheriff walk not address the 15 days between when Luna was last seen and also when he to be reported missing.

On Saturday, a rancher was preparing his floor for livestock in the 11000 block that Kearney Road once he smelled a foul odor. That then discovered what were later figured out to be Luna’s remains, deputies said.

Salazar claimed Luna’s reduced extremities to be found an initial and the his body had actually been scattered by animals. Investigators mapped out a crime step of around 100 square yards.

A cadaver dog with the Texas video game Warden assisted find much more of Luna’s stays Monday.

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The sheriff said investigators uncovered several signs that the teen’s death may it is in a homicide, though he stopped short of categorizing it as such and did not fancy on the evidence.

He stated the Bexar County clinical Examiner’s Office has actually yet to identify Luna’s manner of death.

Family members told deputies that Luna remained in the engineering program in ~ Southwest High. The was not living a “high-risk” lifestyle, opting greatly to stay home and also play video games, Salazar said.

Luna additionally planned to sign up with the maritime Corps.

When the left Southwest ~ above the work he walk missing, he showed up to recognize the civilization he was acquiring in the automobile with, the sheriff said. He additionally did not appear to be under duress, witnesses told investigators.

“Whether the knew what they were up to continues to be to it is in seen,” Salazar said.

There is additionally evidence that at part point, Luna remained in the vicinity the Loop 410 and Highway 90, near Gunsmoke Drive. However investigators could not ascertain even if it is he was alive when he to be there.

Salazar claimed there may be at the very least two doubt involved.

“To carry out what was done come him with only one person” would have been difficult, he said.

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Salazar stated Luna’s remains were in a marshy ground that was heavily wooded v “chest-high” undergrowth.

The residential property is sectioned turn off by a barbed wire fence.

“I don’t think someone discovered this (location) when they had the victim,” Salazar stated in speculation. “It’s practically like they knew the home was over there already.”

The stretch of Kearney road is only vast enough because that one vehicle to pass at a time.

The continues to be were 50 yards indigenous the roadway by a game trail accessible to deer, coyote and other wildlife.

“It would’ve been daunting to navigate in ~ night without a light,” Salazar said.

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Investigators questioning anyone with tips or knowledge of details in the case to call their office at 210-335-6070.