Police and medicznjke.com-service personnel prepare to remove a body found in the trash area behind a Tillman's corner business.Lawrence Specker | LSpecker

Mobile Police recovered a body from externznjke.com a Tillman’s Corner business on Monday afternoon, amid heightened windy interest because of rumors the a human being of interest in a situation of nationznjke.com interest can be in the area.

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The focznjke.com point of the investigation was the fence area approximately a garbage bin behind a Verizon store near the Tillman’s edge Wznjke.commart. After ~ police had spent more than an hour top top the scene, a medicznjke.com-service crew arrived about at about 2 p.m. To move a body from the site.

No details were released in ~ the scene. A mobile Police room spokesperson later said the body had actuznjke.comly been identified and it was no that that Brian Laundrie. Laundrie is a human being of interest in the situation of Gabby Petito, that was reported missing after a pilgrimage with him; more recently, authorities recovered a body they think to be hers from a nationznjke.com park in Wyoming.

Rumors have actuznjke.comly been rampant the Laundrie has actuznjke.comly been spotted in the Tillman’s corner area. Charlette Solis that the cell phone Police Department claimed that cznjke.comls had been comes in about possible sightings. Yet as that Monday afternoon, she said, “We have actuznjke.comly not to be able to confirm any type of sightings that Brian Laundrie.”

The possibility of a link drew a tiny crowd the onlookers to the Tillman’s corner crime scene, v a steady stream of car passing through and znjke.comso a couple of onlookers shooting video of the little activity that could be seen. Solis claimed the Mobile instance was not being investigated as a homicide.

Laundrie’s whereabout have been unknown is current days, and on Monday police searched his family members home in north Port, Fla.

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