HARTFORD, Conn. (znjke.com)– Police are investigating ~ a body was uncovered in a pond at Bushnell Park Sunday morning.

Officers were dubbed to Bushnell Park around 7:30 a.m. On a report the a body discovered in the pond.

As officers and also fire crews landed on the step they located and retrieved a masculine body. According to police, there room no obvious signs of trauma.

Police report the Medical examiners Office responded to the scene and also took custody that the deceased. The man’s identity has not to be released at this time.

Monday police reported the autopsy did no find any type of signs the trauma. Foul play is gift ruled out. Further trial and error will be done to identify the official reason ofdeath.

This is an energetic and continuous investigation.

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Anyone with any kind of information regarding the situation is request to contact the HPD guideline Line in ~ 860-722-TIPS (8477).

Stay v znjke.com and the News 8 application as more information becomes available.

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