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At about 48,442 square kilometers (18,704 square miles), the Dominican Republic is around the very same size as the Netherlands, and in addition to Haiti, it develops Hispaniola Island, i m sorry rests between the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. The Dominican Republic lays case to 800 mile / 1300 kilometres of shoreline and also the greatest peak in the Caribbean: Pica Duarte, which is 10,700 feet / 3000 m. Over sea level.

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Punta Cana lies on the east shore the the nation, ideal at the junction between two bodies of water - the Atlantic and the Caribbean Sea-, the difference currents here develop remarkable biodiversity the is good for scuba diving and snorkeling.

The better Punta Cana Area

While Punta Cana suitable is no an ext than a little hamlet near the airport, plenty of refer to the entire East coastline by this name. This better area holds the complying with smaller regions, together follows, from phibìc to South:


Punta Cana Zones:

part organizations and also individuals additionally lump in the southern region of Bayahibe & Dominicus.

The map listed below outlines the locations wherein one find the bulk of traveler attractions:


Dominican Republic - geography Facts

Location:Shares island that Hispaniola v Haiti - border v Haiti: 360 km
Geo coordinates:19 00 N, 70 40 W
Area:Total: 48,670 sq km, of i m sorry land: 48,320 sq km and water: 350 sq km
Area - comparative:Slightly an ext than double the size of brand-new Hampshire
Coastline:1,288 km - bordering the Atlantic ocean in the North and the East; and also the Caribbean Sea in the South
Climate:Tropical maritime; small seasonal temperature variation; seasonal sports in rainfall - examine The Weather here
Terrain:Rugged highlands and mountains with productive valleys interspersed
Elevation extremes:lowest point: Lago Enriquillo -46 m; highest possible point: Pico Duarte 3,175 m
Natural hazards:Lies in the middle of the hurricane belt and subject to severe storms native June come October; sometimes flooding; routine droughts
Environment issues:water shortages; soil eroding into the sea loss coral reefs; deforestation
Source: The people Factbook

Getting there:

Most tourist - about 5 million a year in reality - come to Punta Cana by air. Yet one can also arrive by floor (arriving at among the other international airports in the country) or even by sea.

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Punta Cana - finest Beaches.

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