The coronavirus pandemic has slammed brand-new York City so tough that health treatment workers room using forklifts to fill dead bodies right into refrigerated trucks, follow to a famous video.

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The 5-minute and 32-second clip post to YouTube shows medical officials helping to fill the corpses in body bags right into the cell phone morgue exterior Brooklyn Hospital facility in fort Greene, according to a guy shooting the clip that does not determine himself.

“This is because that real. This is Brooklyn,” a man filming the terrifying event can it is in heard saying in the video.

“They placing the body in the 18-wheeler … this is no hoax … this is Brooklyn Hospital,” the guy says together he begs for world to “stay inside” together the deadly virus continues to pummel the city.

The trembling man continues, “This might make you want to take it this serious.”

Brooklyn Hospital center did not automatically respond to a request for comment.

New York City’s hospitals have actually been totally overwhelmed amid the outbreak that COVID-19.

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Bodies space loaded right into a refrigerated truck outside Brooklyn Hospital, follow to a famous video.Facebook
Bodies space loaded right into a refrigerated truck outside Brooklyn Hospital, according to a famous video.Facebook
Bodies outside Maimonides Medical center in Brooklyn.YouTube
Bodies external Maimonides Medical center in Brooklyn.YouTube
In another newly surfaced video taken outside of Maimonides Medical center in Brooklyn’s Borough Park, a guy wearing medical garb movies as he mirrors off what he claims to it is in dead bodies on stretchers and also corpses within a refrigerated truck.

“There’s a truck that we’re gonna’ placed the f—king bodies in, bro,” the male says in the 41-second clip, adding, “Mad bodies, this is filled up through bodies. It’s favor a load.”

The unidentified male then opens up up the truck and says, “There’s bodies in back … body up there, piling up.”

Hospital spokeswoman Eileen Tynion confirmed the authenticity of the video clip footage to The Post, saying, “We regret the someone was able to obtain that footage, and plan to communicate more thoughtfully v the neighborhood in the future.”

“We room doing what every hospital in brand-new York City is law in preparing for a surging in every little thing — patients who need care and a surging in patients who expire,” said Tynion.

Makeshift morgues have actually been collection up external other overburdened huge Apple hospitals, consisting of Bellevue Hospital in Manhattan.

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Last week, 2 refrigerated trailers were checked out at the site at 30th Street and also the FDR Drive, along with a customized RV labeling “MOBILE COMMAND facility — clinical EXAMINER.”

Coronavirus-related deaths in the city climbed to 776 Sunday night after practically 100 civilization died indigenous the virus in a seven-hour span.