Discovery of bodies in three different sites shows up to be part of a turf war between rival medicine gangs, prosecutor says.

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Authorities in the mexican city that Uruapan have discovered the bodies of 19 civilization in three different locations, including some the were hanging native bridges.

Speaking to reporters ~ above Thursday, the chief prosecutor because that the western state the Michoacan – whereby Uruapan is situated – stated the incident showed up to be attached to rival drug gangs operating in the area. 

“There is a turf war between the cell of various criminal groups. They are fighting for territorial control over the production, distribution and also consumption the drugs,” Adrian Lopez said.

“That leads to this kind of incident, i beg your pardon alarms the population, and also rightfully so,” the added.

Images brought by neighborhood media verified several bodies hanging from an overpass in Uruapan, together a threatening message printed on a large sheet that plastic – an intimidation tactic frequently seen in cartel turf wars.

Other bodies were found reduced up and also abandoned along the road, Lopez said.

“This kind of public, theatrical violence, wherein you don’t just kill, but you brag around killing, is meant to intimidate rivals and send a post to the authorities,” Alejandro Hope, a security analyst, told The associated Press news agency. 

“This type of cynical impunity has been boosting in Michoacan,” expect said.

Violence escalating

The state is a flashpoint in the violent organised-crime battles that have actually swept Mexico in recent years.


Michoacan is where the government an initial deployed the army to hit criminal gangs in 2006 – a strategy that movie critics say has actually only led to an escalation in the violence.

Mexico has actually registered an ext than 250,000 murders since then, consisting of a new record the 33,755 last year.

Leftist president Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, who took office in December, has actually promised come curb the violence making use of a strategy based around a newly released National Guard, i beg your pardon is taking over the job of fighting medicine cartels native the military and federal police.

However, his federal government has thus far failed to alleviate homicides, which room on track to hit a brand-new record, with 14,603 murders reported from January to June of 2019.

Source: News Agencies


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