Break the end your best sequins, "cause Dancing v The Stars 2019 premieres this evening (Monday, September 16) on ABC! turns out, the display was able to usage Bobby Bones" controversial success this time critical year together a tempt to cast celebrities for the brand-new Season 28.

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That"s words from Bobby skeletal himself, in the wake up of his pro winner Sharna citizen being left the end of the new cast. They to be the lowest-scoring pair of the 2018 finals and it shocked countless fans when they won. The success upset a the majority of viewers, back Bobby was taken into consideration the people"s champion, since fan votes gave them the win.

Bobby was "shocked" as soon as Sharna wasn"t brought earlier for the new 2019 season. (And she"s no the only one left out.) He was worried the the debate of his win may have actually led to she being cut. That told ET he called The Powers that Be and also asked castle if the decision was connected to any type of backlash. What he heard was quite the opposite:

But actually, they to be able to usage our win to obtain celebrities this season. If anything, the network, to me, was like, "We"re yes, really happy friend won because we were able come reach the end to civilization who would have never come on the show due to the fact that they couldn"t dance. And we to be able come go, "Hey, here"s a male who couldn"t dance and won."" ... If anything, i think me winning last year confirmed a most people and celebrities the you don"t have to be a an excellent dancer come win. You need to learn exactly how to dance, but you likewise have to be great at engaging through the audience.

It"s difficult to placed yourself out there, and maybe the did offer hope come some new DWTS 2019 stars to see so numerous not-so-great dancers carry out well critical year. That doesn"t explain why castle didn"t bring back Sharna Burgess, though. Part of the reason why Bobby won, despite his low scores, is due to the fact that many pan wanted famous Sharna to finally get a Mirror round trophy.

At any kind of rate, Bobby Bones also found a positive spin ~ above the format alters coming come DWTS. Traditionally, Dancing with The Stars airs double a year, in the spring and also the fall. DWTS took spring 2019 off and also reworked points a little bit for the loss 2019 season. Skeletal knows the was really likely in response to his polarizing victory last fall.

I"m happy the we damaged the system. So, i think it"s great. It"s been on for 27 seasons, for this reason it"s cool come actually relocate around. ... The backlash we still acquire is only from the human being who are way too obsessed v that show. The hardcore Dancing v The Stars people, they need to gain over it. Everyone else, every my people and also the quiet majority, we"re in it together. We rock! castle all must shut up.

Yeah, informing hardcore Dancing with The Stars pan to shut up may be component of why his victory was controversial. It did produce quite a division in the passionate DWTS fandom. Some people do take the show seriously, but that"s a good problem for alphabet to have. It way fans care.

Speaking of problems, right prior to Monday"s Dancing through The Stars Season 28 premiere, the display lost one of its large stars in Christie Brinkley. She was injured too lot to continue and also was changed by she daughter, the lot less renowned Sailor Brinkley-Cook. We"ll need to see just how that affects the show. It"s absolutely going to shake increase our guesses for just how each celeb might finish.

The Dancing through The Stars 2019 cast includes James van Der Beek, Lamar Odom, Hannah Brown, ray Lewis, Kel Mitchell, Kate Flannery, allied Brooke, Karamo Brown, Lauren Alaina, mar Wilson, and Sean Spider. The show starts this evening at 8 p.m. On ABC. It can be precious watching the premiere simply for any awkward interactions between Tom Bergeron and Sean Spicer.

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