So the happened. Bobby Bones won “Dancing v the Stars.” It’s maybe the only method a season this weird can end. At least Sharna Burgess now has actually her Mirrorball trophy ~ above her fifth finals showing, although we doubt she ever thought she’d acquire it through him. And judging by the watch on everyone’s encounters when Tom Bergeron check out the winner, no one did.

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So just how did the worst dancer that the final four — the man with the eighth ideal average score this season — pull turn off the most shocking uncomfortable in “Dancing” history?

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1. His pan baseIt was large and in charge. Bones’ country music adhering to makes Bachelor country look prefer child’s play. We understand the power and also the enthusiasm of this poll bloc — simply see winners from various other shows, favor “American Idol” and also “The Voice” — and also the reach the Bones has as a daily radio organize can’t it is in ignored. He may not it is in a household name, however he’s well connected within the nation world, and all those folks have been fostering Bones.

2. He energized his baseWe’re through no method saying skeleton is this person, yet he pulled a Trump. Transparent the whole season, skeleton not just positioned himself together the underdog v no natural dance capability — a guy of the civilization — however he also passive-aggressively slighted his rivals and also the present by repeatedly posting on social media around how he’s not a ringer and also people should support him because he needs to work harder and also the present should be around recognizing non-dancers. That turned a lot of of civilization off, however it could’ve just as well stoked a fire in rather to back him. That knew the best things to say come get civilization in line.

3. He gained some that Joe “Grocery keep Joe” Amabile’s fansMost that Bachelor country probably quit voting ~ Grocery keep Joe was eliminated, yet some could’ve tossed their support behind skeleton in a “bad dancers in solidarity” way.

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4. The judges’ ridiculous overscore of his freestyleThe judges always let the 10 paddles fly on the finale, however they usually recognize when no to bust them the end if a routine or a performer is no tip-top. Bones’ freestyle was fun, yet he spent more time talking 보다 dancing, and also the dancing that did carry out was out of sync. That 30 was the end of control and rendered the 30s that Milo Manheim and also Evanna Lynch (and to a lesser degree Alexis Ren) gained less vital — not just figuratively however mathematically. Bones gaining a 30, to go v the 24 for his first dance, shrunk the spread in between him and the other three (there was a three-point difference between him and also Ren, and also a six-point difference between him and Manheim and Lynch). Offered how vast his fan base is, a reduced score might not have changed the outcome, but the 30 absolutely made it easier for him to close the gap. Though in hindsight, due to the fact that he won, perhaps it’s a great thing he gained a perfect score — nobody has actually won without at least one perfect score.

5. Smaller viewership = fewer voters“Dancing” is fixed the only series suffering ratings erosion as tv viewing becomes progressively fractured, but it does feeling like simply yesterday it was grabbing 20 million viewers on the reg. Now? It’s averaging 7 million viewers this season (Season 25 last loss averaged 9 million). Fewer human being watching method fewer civilization voting. The display has shed a whole faction of viewers who space fans the dance and also who might be voting v a little an ext objectivity. That’s why also when one underdog negative dancer made a final in the past, girlfriend knew they wouldn’t actually win due to the fact that sensible poll prevails and a contestant with good-to-great — if not the best — dance skill wins. Yet when you shed that main point base of viewers who come to be fans the celebrities throughout the season, that renders it easier for integrated fan bases to conquer the vote. Manheim and Lynch could’ve won a few years ago against Bones.

6. Manheim and Lynch split the “best dancer” voteThese 2 were the best dancers remaining after Juan Pablo Di Pace‘s elimination. Numerous fans have actually said they would’ve been happy through either a Manheim or Lynch victory, however their appearances in the final could’ve hurt lock both. Much like in an Oscar race, you desire a clear alternative to the frontrunner because that everyone will rally around. Yes, no one really knows how much of a frontunner Bones to be in regards to fan votes, however there were world who were torn over Manheim and also Lynch and split your votes between them.

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7. The one-night finale reduced down poll time and also abilityABC reducing the finale come one night was suspect, especially due to the fact that a two-night closer was in the setup less than a month ago. What to be behind the change? go TPTB establish there to be no protecting against the Bobby skeleton Bandwagon? Sure, a two-night finale could’ve acquired Bones more votes, yet it would’ve additionally greatly benefited everyone. The one-night finale intended voting was online-only throughout the live broadcast in the east and main time zones, aka Bones nation (no pun intended), which placed whoever danced critical at a disadvantage, if you’re one of those human being who waits come for anyone to dance before voting. Vote was open up to the totality country, yet folks in the Mountain and also Pacific time zones had to vote blind. Not only that, but West Coasters might’ve still gone to work or commuting or picking up a turkey for Thanksgiving when the display was going on. If there had been a 2nd night, Manheim’s and Lynch’s sterling freestyles would’ve absolutely picked up more votes overnight since much more people would’ve, friend know, had a opportunity to watch them and also vote. Plus, producers would certainly know precisely how the votes shook out after Night 1 and could reservation in the judges therefore they understand what to perform for the Night 2 blend dance. It’s telling that there to be no reaction shot indigenous the judges’ ~ Bones won.