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Dancing v the Stars" reigning mirrorball champion, Bobby Bones, is speaking the end ahead that the upcoming all-new season.

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The radio host, that won season 27 v pro companion Sharna Burgess, specifically spoke with ET top top Tuesday, wherein he discussed everything native the new cast lineup toformat tweaks andmore.

"I have all these littleinjuries indigenous this present that ns don"t think civilization realize.I had a damaged foot, torn shoulder, but at this point, I"m lastly healed up," that sharedwhen asked exactly how he"s to be doing since dance rehearsals wrapped. "It take it a totality year, however it was worth it!"

Bones evidenced toET that he"ll earlier in the ballroom following Monday because that the two-hour season 28 premiere. When he"s pumped around the competition, he admittedthat that was simply as surprised together fans to discover that citizen (along with fellow fan-favorite Artem Chigvintsev) were reduced as advantages this season. He said he spoke with his former partner a couple of daysbeforethe actors reveal on Good Morning America last month.

"As a dancer, you type of report and meet your companion ," bones shared. "So ns hit her up three or four days before and also said, "Hey, who"s her partner?" and also she said, "I don"t know." The next day she struggle me up and also was like, "I don"t have a partner. Lock didn"t questioning me come come back." i was shocked, she was shocked. The was yes, really close to the show and then wesaw Artem didn"t get asked ago as well."

"I think all of us were a little stunned by it," that continued. "Now why , ns don"t yes, really know. I don"t also know if they"vetold her. She had actually been there the longest and was one of the much more popular ones, therefore it can have been a budget thing. I"m not really rather sure how that happened yet everyone was shocked by it."

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In situation you missed it, Bones obtained some backlash indigenous longtime fans of the show last season because that going rogue ~ above the choreographyand winning the season over stars like Milo Manheim and also Alexis Ren, who consistentlyreceivedhigherscores from the judges each week.

While bones doesn"t think last season"s controversies had actually anything to execute with citizen being cut, he think theyprobably opened the doorfor the brand-new format tweaks ABC has actually planned.

"Well, I"m going ago next week and also Artem didn"t acquire cut since of any backlash, so it really had actually nothing to carry out with that," skeletal said. "I in reality called and also asked them. Like, "Hey!" yet actually, they to be able to usage our success to get celebrities this season. If anything, the network, to me, to be like, "We"re yes, really happy girlfriend won due to the fact that we to be able come reach the end to civilization who would have actually never come on the show due to the fact that they couldn"t dance. And also we to be able to go, "Hey, here"s a male who couldn"t dance and won.""

"I"m happy that we broke the system," he included of the style changes. "So, ns think it"s great. It"s to be on for 27 seasons, for this reason it"s cool to actually relocate around. And also I love the team there, so I"m pumped!"

With the brand-new 28th season ahead, Bones said it"s additionally time for people to prevent hating and also let any backlash go.

"I have actually a humongousmirrorball in my living room that ns look at and kiss every night before I walk to bed. If anything, ns think me winning critical year proved a many people and celebrities the you don"t have to be a an excellent dancer come win. You have to learn just how to dance, yet you likewise have to be good at engaging through the audience," that said. "The backlash we still gain is just from the human being who are method too obsessed v that show. The hardcore Dancing with the Stars people, they require to gain over it. Anyone else, every my people and also the quiet majority, we"re in the together. Us rock! they all need to shut up."

AlthoughBonesisn"t precisely ready to offer up his "reigning mirrorball champion" title just yet, that told us he"llberooting because that his nation music pal (and former American Idol alum), Lauren Alaina.

"I have actually the mirrorball, lock can"t take it the really mirrorball," the joked. "And that knows, I might comeback. Lock haven"t claimed who the secret dancer is yet."

"As much as we kid around about the backlash and every one of that, i love that show and also I love the people, so i said, "Lauren, you need to do it. It"s awesome, and also the fans space so passionate around it,"" that continued. "I remained on she for a good two months and also she agreed to do it. I"ve talked to her almost every day at this point. Lauren"s an athlete, therefore she won"t go on with the many dance experience, however she has actually a good personality. Civilization watching the display will love her, and also she"ll end up being a pretty an excellent dancer, for sure."

Bones is specifically excited for fans to obtain to knowAlaina on a deeper, an ext personal level together she kicks off she DWTS journey.That frequently happens during"Most Memorable Year" week, in i m sorry the stars are tested to phone call an impactfulstory that had actually a massive impact on their lifethrough dance.

"I understand she won"t share the American Idol stuff. Ns mean, no that she doesn"t want to, yet I know what she"s most likely going come share, therefore I"m not going come speak ~ above that because I"m going to let her have that moment," the teased. "But she had actually some challenging times, as of recent, and also I think that she"s a really strong person and has really come with a lot. And also if I recognize Lauren, she"s going to placed it all the end there."

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When the competitionofficially kicks off, Bones said he"ll, the course, be rooting for Alaina, however will likewise be cheering ~ above a couple of other dancers.

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"I"m Team Lauren, 100%. But Kate Flannery sent out me a messagebecause I"m such a fan of The Office," he revealed. "It"s my favourite show, so when Meredith sends out you a blog post on Instagram, you"re like, "Holy crap, this is crazy!""

"I know Hannah , too," that added. "I"ve been talk to Hannah a small bit about Dancing with the Stars together well, so there a couple of of castle on there that I"ve speak to about it. Many of the advice I"ve given them is, no dance tips, but more like, "Here"s just how you"re going come feel and also how it"s walk to affect you, and also just understand that you"re no alone.""

Aside indigenous his ongoing support for DWTS, skeletal is currently gearing up for the brand-new season the American Idol, in i m sorry he"ll return as an in-house mentor together judges Katy Perry, Luke Bryan and Lionel Richie. Bones has also been enjoy it plenty of one-on-one time through his new pup, Stanley, whom he recently embraced and called after one more character native The Office.

"I"m a single dog dad, and it"s to be great! one of my friends was like, "We have actually a dog, and nobody desires him. He"s a tiny out of control so world have been unconvinced to take him,"" skeletal explained. "He request if I wanted him and sent me a snapshot of him. Ns said, "He looks prefer Stanley native The Office, so I"ll take him.""

"My various other dog to be 16 as soon as he passed away, so i forgot just exactly how demanding a puppy is," hecontinued. "They need to pee all the time, and also if you"re no there as soon as theyhave to pee, castle pee anyway. Yet he"s been good. We"ve finally damaged up from chewing top top everything. Andall the Instagram likes has been a surprise. Ns don"t hate that!"