Still walking strong! It has been an ext than two months since Bobby Bones and Sharna Burgess won season 27 of Dancing through the Stars, but the dance previous partners continue to be closer 보다 ever.

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“We just spent the last four days together,” the radio personality, 38, said Us Weekly specifically at the 2019 iHeartRadio Podcast Awards in Burbank, California, ~ above Friday, January 18. “I had actually a display in Nashville and she come out and made an appearance and we danced a tiny bit and also then us went to brand-new York together and also I go my last Dancing through the Stars live display at Radio City Music Hall. So, yeah … we speak pretty much every work still.”

The Bobby skeletal Show host additionally joked, “It’s nice to actually not be the insufficient one in the partnership now. Now we’re amounts to again.”

The 33-year-old expert dancer showed up on Bones’ radio display on Tuesday, January 15, and also revealed that some of her previous DWTS partners have actually tried to hook up v her throughout the show. “It’s so bad. And then they get this attitude, ‘cause castle so offered to getting everything they want,” she said. “And so, below I go in, and also I simply tear them under to pieces around everything that i think that ‘em and why ns absolutely wouldn’t walk there.”

Bones said Us the while he does recognize who citizen was talking about, the is not among the men who tried to take their experienced relationship a step further.


Bobby Bones arrives at the iHeartRadio Podcast Awards. Gregg DeGuire/WireImage

“Sharna is among my best friends now,” he explained. “But the point is … pretty lot all the dudes come in and try to hook increase with every one of their female run partners. … and also there have been a couple that ns think she has had actually worse times v than others. So, I’m not gonna say that it is. Ns know, but it no me! ns didn’t try to hook up. Zero percent.”

Earlier this month, the Australia native likewise revealed that she does no “speak to” every one of her well known partners from the past. The radio hold didn’t get in detail around who citizen is top top the outs with, yet did recognize she’s “close” with DWTS season 23 runner-up James Hinchcliffe.

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The American Idol mentor recently uncovered himself in warm water through his radio partner Wells Adams after that alleged the Adams’ girlfriend, Sarah Hyland, will certainly buy her own engagement ring.

“We’re claimed to it is in coworkers and also friends,” the Bachelor country star, 34, fired back on the Wednesday, January 16, episode of his “Your favourite Things” podcast with Brandi Cyrus. “Can I gained on the document right here? I will pay for this ring, ns promise you. It will certainly come out of my bank account.”

Adams added: “I guess: v the thing that, like, grinds mine gears the most about is at any time I seen anyone from the show, they’re therefore nice come me. They’re for this reason nice to my face. Like, if you’re walk to it is in a d—k, it is in a d—k all the time.”