Not to be puzzled with the makeup artist Bobbi/Bobby Brown, this Bobbie Brown (also known as Bobbie Brown-Lane) is one actress, model, and also former miss out on Louisiana Teen. However the reason people recognize she is due to the fact that she to be the notorious blonde in the music video clip for the glam metal band Warrant’s song Cherry Pie in 1990.

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In fact, it was on that video clip shoot the she met the band’s frontman Jani Lane, who she married a year later. Two years later, castle divorced, and also she almost immediately got involved to Mötley Crüe’s Tommy Lee. Then, a year after that, they broke up (and 4 days after ~ that, the married Pamela Anderson). Rapid forward come 2011, and Jani roadway was uncovered dead in his apartment. Brown has actually only freshly revealed the truth about the incident…

There’s Nothing favor a Juicy rock ‘n’ roll Memoir

Before reality TV, we didn’t really get the actual deal when it pertained to seeing the train wrecks that the rich and the famous. The course, the tabloids have actually been around for a lengthy time, however they’re never ever as trustworthy or practically as captivating as hearing the wild stories appropriate from the horse’s mouth, i m sorry is usually the estranged wife or part delusional has-been.


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There’s yes, really nothing quite prefer a juicy absent ‘n’ role memoir filled through bittersweet stories of what it was choose to be part of the scene. For the many part, absent memoirs space written by rock stars themselves (usually the self-important narcissists) that seemingly just want come brag around the females they were through in your heyday.

Bobbie Brown and the “Dirty Rocker Boys”

Sometimes, though, one of the exes writes a memoir. Bobbie Brown was one of the biggest Sunset strip sexpots that the 1980s. Anyone that couldn’t get sufficient of the drugs-and-hairspray cesspool the the ‘80s hair metal revolution would it is in happy to hear what Brown needs to say.


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She co-wrote she memoir (with Caroline Ryder) in 2013 and called the Dirty Rocker Boys: Love and Lust on the Sunset Strip. The book’s opening chapter starts through this:

“Wait, what happened? last week, Tommy Lee to be my fiancé. This week, he’s married. To Pamela Anderson.” It to be February 1995, and Lee and Anderson had a shotgun wedding on the beach in Cancún, 4 days after his breakup with Brown.

No Self-Awareness over Here

Brown in-depth her transaction strategy, which connected (of course) all kinds of mind-altering substances. She memoir’s pages are full of the entirety sex-drugs-and-rock-and-roll kind of stuff. She also wrote a disclaimer the sorts, admitting the her book doesn’t offer lot self-awareness or emotional depth.

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But she walk “promise the it will provide incredible, very uncensored entertainment.” aside from all the high (both literally and also figuratively), including what the was like to flirt with Slash and also go down on 19-year-old Leonardo DiCaprio, she details the grim moments, too. For instance, the fatality of she ex-husband Jani Lane.