Boba Fett’s Return Explained: just how Did that Escape The Sarlacc? The Mandalorian season 2 attributes the return of Boba Fett come Star battles canon. Here"s what is known about his escape native the Sarlacc pit.

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Boba Fett is back for The Mandalorian season 2, and here"s what we know about how he escaped the Sarlacc pit. The fan-favorite Star Wars bounty hunter native the original trilogy has actually officially reverted to Star Wars canon. Boba Fett play a little but important role in the an initial three Star Wars movies, but he famously - and also unceremoniously - died early on Return the the Jedi. Well, at least that"s what viewers were led to believe at the time.

Ever due to the fact that Disney and Lucasfilm relaunched Star Wars in 2015, fans have been wondering when Boba Fett would certainly return. The de-canonized increased Universe materials featured Boba"s survival and took the on countless adventures after. Because that a time it appeared Boba Fett would be the star that his very own movie as component of the A Star battles Story spinoff initiative. However, the movie never ever materialized and also appeared come look also less most likely of keep going once The Mandalorian to be announced. That was originally speculated the the titular personality in the an initial live-action Star Wars series could be Boba Fett, yet we now understand that this isn"t the case.

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The Mandalorian could be Din Djarin"s (Pedro Pascal) story, but multiple reports circulated ahead of season 2 that Boba Fett would be included. Temuera Morrison, that played Jango Fett in the prequels, was reportedly collection to beat the adult variation of his clone son. This possibility raised a many questions about how Boba Fett"s escape native the Sarlacc pit would be described in canon. There was also some controversy over even if it is or no these reports were legit, but The Mandalorian season 2 premiere made that official. The final shot of the first episode confirmed Boba Fett alive, scarred, and still on Tatooine. As exciting as that is for many to see the bounty hunter alive, exactly how he survived falling into the Sarlacc"s maw stays a significant unanswered question. Here"s what is known about the events.

Boba Fett"s survival from his embarrassing apparent death in Return of the Jedi came in the short story A Barve favor That: The story of Boba Fett composed by J.D. Montgomery. It appeared inside an anthology publication titled Tales native Jabba"s Palace together 19 other quick stories, v Montgomery"s narrative focused solely on Fett"s escape from the Sarlacc pit. But, the story was made non-canon through the rest of the Star Wars EU ~ Disney"s salvation of Lucasfilm.

The quick story adheres to Boba Fett after he wakes up within the belly of the Sarlacc, i m sorry has a stronghold top top him through its tentacles. It doesn"t assist that the beast"s digestive system has severely damaged his Mandalorian armor. Boba quickly discovers the he has a telepathic link to previous victims of the creature and begins to connect with them. This leader him to speak to the Sarlacc"s very first victim, Susejo, who has actually some level of manage over the creature because of this connection. After ~ the Sarlacc makes call with Boba Fett"s jetpack, the following explosion is enough to enable Fett to wrangle himself free. Boba must then usage grenades to punch a hole with the next of the Sarlacc so the he could escape.

Timothy OIyphant as The Marshal Cobb Vanth v Boba Fett Armor in The Mandalorian Season 2
Boba Fett"s suitable return in Star Wars canon has actually only simply happened, yet Lucasfilm collection up his escape from the Sarlacc pit year ago. Throughout Chuck Wendig"s Aftermath trilogy, reader were an initial introduced come Cobb Vanth (Timothy Olyphant), a former slave that becomes a sheriff the a Tatooine town. The publications cleverly insinuated that Vanth wore Boba Fett"s armor without directly confirming that it was the very same suit. The story featured Vanth gaining Mandalorian armor from Jawas. In the book"s events, it is defined that the to explode of Jabba the Hutt"s Sail Barge left the Sarlacc critically injured and exposed. The Jawas took this together an possibility to mine the biology for potential loot, finding Mandalorian armor during this excursion, which was teased to be Boba Fett"s.

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Even though the publications stop short of explicitly saying Vanth repurchase Boba Fett"s armor indigenous the Jawas, it"s not a complicated leap come make. The Jawas finding simply the armor, though, have the right to be taken as a tease that Fett survived. That is already known that the Sarlacc"s digestive system takes year to fully process anything, and the likelihood is the it would just consume Boba"s body and also not the armor is slim. This points come Boba controlling to escape the Sarlacc pit and either taking the armor off self or having actually it stripped from him by the Jawas. In either case, Boba Fett would certainly be alive.

Boba Fett could only be in a couple of seconds of The Mandalorian season 2 for this reason far, but the an initial episode still listed plenty of clues for how he escaped and what occurred after. That is clear the at some allude after his escape that he shed or gave up his armor. While we don"t recognize the source of Boba Fett not having actually his top costume anymore, he has actually been there is no it long sufficient to obtain a new get up. He"s in a large cloak and also has new weapons holstered top top his back. Everything happened come him that enabled him to escape the Sarlacc, it shows up to have readjusted Boba Fett.

One that these transforms to Boba Fett"s watch in The Mandalorian season 2 might also be a enraged of the escaping indigenous the Sarlacc pit. Once he turns approximately after the town hall Din Djarin ride with Tatooine with his armor ~ above his speeder bike, Bobe Fett sports scars that haven"t been checked out before. His confront hasn"t been shown in canon since he to be a kid, so there are years of adventures that can explain the scars. However, Boba Fett"s escape native the Sarlacc can be the cause of these details ones. Boba"s helmet is tho in the same condition as it to be during Return that the Jedi as soon as Vanth has it, however it"s possible the fight come escape contained momentarily shedding the protection and also the beast giving him a long-term reminder the the event.

There"s also the possibility that The Mandalorian season 2 furious Boba Fett"s escape wasn"t his own doing. The illustration revolves about Din and Vanth do the efforts to death a Krayt Dragon that is terrorizing Tatooine civilizations. At one point, that is remarked that Krayt Dragons are qualified of killing and also eating Sarlaccs. This heat could set up the the Krayt Dragon eliminated by Din Djarin could be the same one that offered Boba Fett his life back.

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How go The Jawas get Boba Fett"s Armor?

One piece of the puzzle that still isn"t entirely clear in The Mandalorian"s story is exactly how the Jawas gained Boba Fett"s armor. It"s established that they have it by the time they find Cobb Vanth, however the show already readjusted aspects of Vanth"s beginning from the Aftermath books. This might mean that the Jawas finding the armor near the Sarlacc pit could not be exactly how the events actually unfolded. It is unlikely that future appearances by Vanth will assist fill in this gap due to the fact that his beginning has currently been told now, yet the return that Boba Fett later in season 2 might be a possibility for The Mandalorian to show his next of the events.

now that Boba Fett has actually officially returned to Star Wars, his future through the franchise and The Mandalorian season 2 is worth considering. The brief tease of his existence doesn"t do much to collection up a specific arc for him relocating forward, however it is essential to note that he is now aware of Din Djarin and knows he has his armor. This could prove to be quite essential for both of lock in season 2. Din is trying to find an ext Mandalorians who could teach him around the Jedi or infant Yoda"s species, and Boba Fett happens to examine both that those boxes. He can not it is in a true Mandalorian, but Boba is knowledgeable about the Jedi and also likely knows of Yoda.

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It"s possible Boba Fett will seek Din Djarin the end to inquire around getting his armor back, and also any info he can share about the Jedi can be enough to do a deal. The isn"t a guarantee, though, as Din is very traditional as soon as it concerns following the Mandalorian creed. Just as he didn"t desire Cobb Vanth to wear the armor together a non-Mandalorian, Din could have the exact same feelings around Boba Fett once again suiting up. There"s no question that Boba Fett and also Din Djarin will come face-to-face at some suggest in The Mandalorian season 2 after ~ this setup, so it will certainly be fascinating come see when it happens and what transpires.