The occasions we write around at Gaslight Records occurred in some kind or an additional 50 years back to the day. Roll in addition to us and imagine you are back in 1971.

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July 20th, 1965 - Bob Dylan exit "Like A roll Stone", the an initial single indigenous his upcoming album, Highway 61 Revisited. Dylan had recorded the song over the course of two days in ~ Columbia Studio A on seventh Avenue, brand-new York City.

Listen below to the advancement of "Like A rojo Stone" together it starts to take it shape, indigenous Dylan"s early stage piano demo, ideal through come the final studio cut.






On The roadway With Bob Dylan - component Two - Writing new Songs

By: Sam Pethers & Roland EllisMay 2nd, 1965

Irish folk group, The Clancy Brothers have actually recorded 11 songs to bring a little joy to your Christmas

December 5th, 1969: The rojo Stones have released a new studio album front of their totally free concert tomorrow at Altamont

As The Stones complete their run of U.S. Concert days they have released your eighth album, Let that Bleed.

December 4th, 1969: This summer Bob Dylan sat under for one interview with Jann Wenner the Rolling stone magazine

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