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Bob Beckel Noam Galai/Getty images Fox News Channel is parting means – again – v Bob Beckel, the co-host of its primetime program, “The Five.”“Bob Beckel was terminated this day for make an insensitive comment to an African-American employee,” the network claimed in a statement.

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The dismissal opens – or probably closes – one more chapter in one off-and-on relationship Beckel has had with the 21st Century Fox-owned cable-news outlet over the years. Beckel, a longtime political consultant and a former project manager for democratic presidential candidate Walter Mondale, joined Fox News in 2000, and also had a years-long tenure top top “The Five” when it aired in the late afternoon. Indeed, that was one of the program’s original co-hosts.

He departedin 2015 when recuperating from earlier surgery in a break-up that was checked out as much less an amicable. “We tried to occupational with Bob because that months, yet we couldn’t organize ‘The Five’ hostage to one man’s personal issues,” stated Bill Shine, who was climate the network’s executive vice chairman of programming, in a statement in ~ the time. “He take it tremendous benefit of our generosity, empathy and also goodwill and we simply involved the finish of the road with him.”

But Beckel went back to Fox News in 2017 after ~ doing a insignificant at CNN, and also was greeted with open up arms.“Bob to be missed by numerous fans that ‘The Five’ and we’re happy come welcome him back to the show,” stated Rupert Murdoch, executive, management chairman of Fox News Channel and also its corporate parent, 21st Century Fox, in a prepared statement, in January.

Fox News’ human-resources department to be made conscious of a complaint around what one person familiar with the case characterized together a “racially insensitive remark” top top Tuesday evening. Executives performed an internal investigation, this human being said, and also decided to component ways with Beckel Friday morning.

Fox News’ internal society has to be under intense scrutiny in recent weeks.Severalcurrent and also formeremployees have actually filed a gyeongju discrimination lawsuit versus Fox News in State can be fried Court in the Bronx, adding to a tide of litigation collection against the network the levels claims of sex-related harassment and cultural insensitivity. Fox continues to grapple v perceptions in the wake up of the ousters the both i get it Ailes, its former chief executive, critical year, and also Bill O’Reilly, its height host. Both men had been accused of sex-related harassment. Ailes denied the allegations and also O’Reilly has said his call made him a target had actually made negotiations to accusers out of a desire to safeguard his children.

The network has set in place a brand-new human-resources chief and hired female executives to fill an open chief gaue won officer slot and also its head of ad sales. Staffers have actually been urged to come front if they believe they witness discriminatory behavior. In a memo to employees sent in April, Fox News’ human resources chief said employees, “We want to give you every opportunity to be heard” around workplace concerns.

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Beckel leaves after Fox News make “The Five” component of its primetime lineup simply a couple of weeks ago, part of an effort to realign the most-watched component of its schedule after O’Reilly’s departure last month. Regardless of its name, the show employs more than 5 co-hosts, all of whom revolve in throughout various nights. Juan Williams, another Fox News politics analyst with democratic leanings, is expected to appear more regularly on the show, which likewise includes Jesse Watters, Dana Perino, Greg Gutfeld and Kimberly Guilfoyle as co-hosts.