Less than five months after return to Fox News Channel and The Five, Bob Beckel has been pink-slipped native the cable news huge once again.“Bob Beckel was terminated this day for make an insensitive comment to one African-American employee,” stated a FNC representative Friday morning.

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The incident developed on might 16, i hear, through a complaint being do by the FNC staffer the night. ~ an internal investigation, the decision was made last night to cut Beckel loose. The Five co-host was educated this morning that he would certainly not much longer be working at FNC.

No native on that will change the liberal leaning Beckel ~ above the 9PM The Five but, v the currently ex-co-host alternate with Juan Williams on the show, all the seat look set to be filled tonight.

This latest firing in ~ FNC comes together the legit besieged and scandal tainted outlet do the efforts to recoup from on-going accusations that sexual and racial harassment. “No one make the efforts to persuade Mr. Wigdor’s customer to retract his complaint,” claimed a Fox News spokesperson Friday of insurance claims by lawyer Doug Wigdor, that is representing end dozen current and former FNC employee in a potential racial discrimination course action.

With no small irony, the critical comment the previous 1984 Walter Mondale project manager do on society media before being let walk by FNC was around getting a gig at the cabler.

RobertGBeckel) might 18, 2017

Often play the role of the crusty old uncle come the conservative whippersnappers top top the now primetime The Five, Beckel was first dropped by FNC in June 2015 after ~ 15-years v the then Ailes operation channel. That leave was no so sudden as Beckel hadn’t to be on air for several months.

“We do the efforts to work-related with Bob for months, but we couldn’t holdThe Fivehostage come one man’s an individual issues,” claimed then EVP Programming bill Shine of Beckel’s firing in ~ the time. Bright of food is likewise out in ~ FNC ~ being supported to co-president by Rupert Murdoch complying with Ailes leaving under lot of accusations of sexual harassment last summer.

In current months, FNC has additionally seen several various other execs exit. Invoice O’Reilly was also shown the door through the Murdochs critical month after it came to be public the $13 million had actually been paid out to settle allegations of sexual harassment versus the as soon as Factor host and also ratings king.

“Bob to be missed by many fans that The Five,and we’re happy to welcome him back to the show,” the elder Murdoch, who is 21st Century Fox and Fox News executive, management chairman, claimed on January 16 when the ex-pol rejoined FNC.

There’s constantly a opportunity that Beckel could be back again but with FNC desperate to rehabilitate that is image, his alleged comments can be a leg too far this time.

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