The former game display host experienced a head injury in June 2017, but he did no die.

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Published31 July 2017

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"The Price is Right" host Bob Barker died in July 2017, ~ falling and also hitting his head at his home.

In July 2017, a web site called activity News 3 published an article reporting that previous The Price Is Right game show host Bob Barker had passed away of a head injury sustained in a autumn at home:

Bob Barker was rushed come the emergency room after ~ a loss that separation his head open. Several hours later, he to be pronounced dead.

The 94-year-old former The Price Is Right host suffered a almost two inch laceration on the next of his forehead because of a autumn that took place near the star’s Hollywood Hills home.

‘Bob was taking a to walk at about 10:30 AM near his Hollywood Hills house when that tripped ~ above the sidewalk,’ police reported.

Police administered aid and referred to as the paramedics. Barker to be then taken to Cedars-Sinai hospital whereby he was pronounced dead at 12:34 p.m.

As is regularly the instance with the celebrity death hoax type of fake news, one single, disreputable source reported what would have actually been significant entertainment news spanned by multiple nationwide news outlet if it to be true. There was a nugget of reality in the hoax, together People magazine had recently reported the Barker had actually sought medical treatment after ~ falling and hitting his head at home, however the injury was not serious and Barker was defined as gift “on the mend” (rather than “dead”):

Bob Barker is ~ above the mend after falling and hitting his head at house last week.

A rep because that the previous Price is Right hold confirms to civilization that Barker, 93, sought clinical treatment after ~ he dropped last week at his Hollywood Hills home.

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According come the rep, his housekeeper journey him come the hospital where he underwent a series of tests in the emergency room. He to be released a couple of hours later, ~ doctors identified he had not suffered any type of serious injuries.

Nonetheless, the false report of Barker’s fatality spread via society media website such together Twitter:

Not Bob Barker. A tower of my childhood. Brought a Price is right lunch crate in primary school school. RIP