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Bob Phillips, is one American TV columnist most well-known for his long-running program Texas country Reporter. In 2005, Phillips was drafted right into the silver Circle of the Lone Star chapter of the nationwide Academy of television Arts and Sciences, the affiliation that offers the Emmy Awards; the for is reached out to experts who have gone with a 25 year of their vocation in TV in Texas and also have made remarkable commitments to their industry and also their networks.

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Since 1972 Bob Phillips has actually ventured the backroads and recounted to the story of real Texans – ordinary world doing especially things. Texas nation Reporter praises the history, feeling, and excellence the make Texas and also Texans for this reason remarkable.

Bob Phillips Education

Phillips attended Bryan Adams High school in 1969, then proceeded to southerly Methodist University, graduating v a Bachelor of good Arts level in 1973 and later a understand of for free Arts degree in 1977.

Bob Phillips age | Birthday

Bob Phillips to be born v his actual birth name together Robert Leon Phillips top top June 23, 1951, in Dallas, Texas, joined States. He celebrate his date of birth on June 23rd every year.

Bob Phillips photo

Bob Phillips Family


After doing our research, details about his parents room not accessible and that is likewise not recognized if that has any type of siblings.

Bob Phillips Wife

In 2007, Phillips wedded KFDM-TV anchor Kelli Lee Phillips, who later joined him together co-host that Texas nation Reporter in September 2015. They at existing live in Dallas and also at their farm yard in Medina, TX.

Bob Phillips human body Measurements

Height: Not AvailableWeight: Not AvailableShoe Size: Not AvailableBody Shape: not AvailableHair Colour: Gray

Bob Phillips Salary

According to our trustworthy sources, Bob Phillips’ yearly salary is approximated to be in between $74,360 and also $109,276.

Bob Phillips net Worth

Working together an anchor in ~ his long-running program, Texas country Reporter, over there is no doubt Bob earns a great salary and has to be able to accumulate great net worth. However, his exact net worth has actually not yet been revealed but the details will it is in updated as soon as the is available.

Bob Phillips Journalist

He began working at local CBS affiliate KDFW-TV as a dispatcher his very first year in school, began figuring out how to utilize a TV camera, and also inside a quarter of a year to be reassigned as a picture taker.

He got his break in march 1970 as soon as he was sent to shooting a film around a feasible drowning incident, and also no correspondent was obtainable to satisfy the young people included, who had in certainty do due.

Phillips stepped before the camera to report the story if the camera ran itself, a strategy ordinarily described in interacting as “a small-time band” that turned into his ordinary technique of tasks. Phillips similarly voyaged widely with The Dallas Cowboys NFL group during the 1970s, shoot uninvolved at the group’s games.

He had Initially centered approximately political and sports coverage, the journalist sought after ~ his objective of record highlight stories for incorporation on neighborhood broadcasts. Rather, the management chose to bundle his highlights in a various half-hour finish of the week program, and also 4 nation Reporter appeared in 1972.

In 1986, he left Channel 4, renamed the show Texas country Reporter, and also started delivering and also syndicating it with his very own organization, Phillips Productions; the show disclosed in each of the 22 interact showcases in Texas, including rival station WFAA, which change the name the show 8 nation Reporter, and in the lengthy run, was included to train station in surrounding Louisiana.

Bob Phillips Books

Phillips has actually authored several publications — mostly on Texas travel and cuisine and serves periodically together a organize at Escondida, the Texas country Reporter Hacienda and also Spa, in main Texas’ Hill country region.

Bob Phillips FAQs

Who is Bob Phillips?

Bob Phillips is just one of America’s best-known and loved journalists.

How old is Bob Phillips?

Bob is 68 year old together of 2019. He was born top top July 23rd, 1951

How tall is Bob Pillips?

the information about his approximated height is not available.

Is Bob Phillips married?

Bob is married to his beloved wife, Kelli Phillips.

How much is Bob Phillips worth?

Bob has an completed journalist with an approximated net worth that is tho under review.

How lot does Bob Phillips make?

Bob’s annual salary is estimated to be between $74,360 and $109,276. This is per our median wage approximates for a journalist in the united States.

Where walk Bob Phillips live?

Bob stays in Beaumont, Texas in the joined States.

Is Bob Phillips dead or alive?

Bob Phillips is quiet alive and also in great health.

Where is Bob Phillips now?

bob Phillips is still a television journalist and he is still to run his program, Texas Country, Reporter.

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