by Nathan Bechtold - picture & video courtesy the Tom Cline Helicopters and Bryan Norris Jun 12, 2021 Jun 12, 2021 to update Jun 15, 2021





LAKE that THE OZARKS, Mo. — A boat exploded at Getaway Gas Dock, Saturday morning.

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Video captured by Tom Cline Helicopters & a adjacent boater, Bryan Norris, is below.

The boat, called Last Call, to be at the marina dock in the same cove together the renowned restaurants Backwater Jacks and 1932 Reserve, as soon as a witness claims they heard an explosion. ~ the explosion, the Missouri State Highway Patrol states all three inhabitants were may be to get off the boat; at least one of lock jumped right into the water. The Patrol to be contacted by a gas dock employee at 9:11 a.m. Around the fire.

Pictures display the boat was shortly engulfed in flames together it drifted out into the cove.

Officers comment to the area and also found the boat was no much longer at the gas dock however adrift, and also heading toward other surrounding docks. Lock attached a tow rope to the boat and also towed it to a adjacent boat ramp, whereby the fire room met them to placed out the fire.

One person was transported come Lake regional by ambulance, and also two others had actually minor injuries but refused treatment.

Boat explosions can take place after refueling, early to buildup of fumes in the bilge. To run a bilge blower during and after refueling can help clear fumes native the boat prior to restarting; starting a boat can develop a spark that would certainly ignite gas fumes. However, other problems can cause watercraft fires at the dock, too. The specific cause of Saturday"s explosion has actually not however been reported.

A watercraft burst into flames at a marina top top Lake the the Ozarks, June 12, 2021.

videos courtesy Tom Cline Helicopters & Bryan Norris

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They had the fire placed out prior to emergency personnel also arrived.

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