Days of Our lives fans were thrilled in ~ the prospect of Bo Brady returning to Salem. A on facebook post, supposedly by Peter Reckell, collection this rumor into overdrive. Yet while the reality of the instance was disappointing, the behind-the-scenes drama appeared scripted straight out that Ron Carlivati’s nightmares.


Peter Reckell, that plays Bo Brady top top ‘Days of our Lives’ | Walter McBride/Getty Images

‘Days of our Lives’ fans believed Bo Brady to be returning

Two mainly ago, SoapHub reported the Peter Reckell would certainly be return to Days that Our resides as Bo Brady.

“Peter Reckell obtained social media and soap opera fans in a major tizzy with a recent short article on his newly produced Facebook page. The actor reported the the return that his beloved Salem character, Bo Brady, is in the functions at Days of our Lives,” castle wrote.

Who wouldn’t be excited about this potential return?

A Facebook write-up kicked turn off the speculation

As the outlet reported, the speculation began as a an outcome of a “newly-created facebook page.” While the would typically be a sign to continue with caution, the wasn’t exterior the realm of possibility. After ~ all, some longtime favorites room returning to Salem. Many notably, Lisa Rinna will reprise her role as billy Reed ~ above Beyond Salem, the much-anticipated spinoff show.

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But Peter Reckell automatically took come Twitter to set the document straight. That did speak he wouldn’t it is in averse come reviving the character ago in 2020 come Soaps
SheKnows. Yet he’s no returning come Salem whenever soon.

Check the end Peter’s tweets around the matter below.

I perform NOT have a facebook account. Ns hope no one of you have actually been take away in by this imposter. Continue to be healthy and also happy.

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— Peter Reckell (

It would certainly be quite if civilization would stop saying ns going ago to DOOL without checking v me. Yes, I miss Bo, but not enough to readjust how fulfilling mine life is appropriate now. Https://

— Peter Reckell (

Peter Reckell set the document straight — but Facebook didn’t delete the imposter’s page

Now, here’s whereby it it s okay nightmare-ish.

Days of Our lives fans instantly began report the imposter to Facebook. Unfortunately, the social media giant refused to take down the offending page.

Fortunately, there is a silver- lining to all this. Reckell said that he can get a facebook page, after all, to combat imposters in the future.

Thanks for the effort. Ns may have actually to get a page due to the fact that of this. Https://