Medically reviewed by Valinda Riggins Nwadike, MD, MPH — written by Valencia Higuera on July 20, 2020

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If she pregnant, you more than likely expect morning sickness, earlier pain, constipation, and also swelling. You might not suppose pregnancy to impact your vision, yet this is something that countless moms-to-be experience.

Blurry vision during pregnancy is actually a typical complaint that can proceed until after ~ delivery.

Should girlfriend worry about the blurriness? Is it permanent? here’s a look in ~ common causes of blurry vision during pregnancy, and also what you can do to settle it.

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Anyone who’s been pregnant knows just how hormones have the right to wreak destruction on the body. You have the right to blame hormone for moving moods, and pregnancy hormones additionally trigger morning sickness and also food aversions.

So it probably comes as no surprise that blurry vision during pregnancy has actually a many to execute with transforming hormones, too.

Fluctuating hormone are also responsible because that swelling throughout pregnancy. Unfortunately, liquid doesn’t only retain in the feet or lower component of the body. Liquid can also accumulate in your eye.

Water retention can increase pressure in your eyeball and also make your cornea thicker, leading to blurry vision. Hormonal transforms might likewise interfere through tear production. If your eyes produce fewer tears, your vision can become blurry.

The good news is the blurry vision in pregnancy isn’t usually a significant problem. Yes, blurriness is nerve-racking, but it isn’t likely to interfere with day-to-day activities.

That’s no to say you can’t take it precautions for her safety. If friend don’t feel comfortable behind the wheel, it’s safer to have actually someone drive till your vision returns to normal.

Blurry vision during pregnancy is typically temporary, therefore you deserve to expect her vision to go back to normal sometime after delivery. Occasionally, vision changes in pregnancy may permanently alter your eyes and require a visit come the optometrist after infant is born.

The Canadian combination of Optometrists recommends waiting 6 to 9 months after shipment to ensure your vision has actually stabilized before transforming your prescription.

More likely, her vision will go back to normal in ~ days or mainly of delivery. In the meantime, this is what you have the right to do to treat or address blurriness.

Ditch the call lenses

You might notice blurriness an ext when attract your contact lenses. Hormonal alters can readjust the shape of your cornea, and if so, your lenses might not fit properly. This deserve to worsen blurriness, but your vision might improve if you move to eyeglasses.

Give her eyes a rest

Blurriness can likewise worsen as soon as your eyes room tired. If you regularly occupational at a computer, take regular breaks to give your eye a rest. Blink often, mitigate your screen brightness, and also take a 2-minute break every hour.

A an excellent night’s sleep is likewise important. Adequate remainder keeps your eyes healthy and reduces blurriness.

Use eye drops

Talk to your doctor to check out if you can use fabricated tears or lubricating drops. Boosting moisture in her eyes could correct blurriness, especially if hormonal transforms reduce tear production. Usage eye drops together directed.

If over-the-counter eye drops don’t work, ask her doctor around a prescription eye lubricant.

Don’t obtain a new lens prescription… yet

Blurry vision is regularly a short-term nuisance, therefore don’t gain a new prescription for eyeglasses or call lenses. Even if a brand-new prescription corrects her vision while pregnant, this prescription might be too strong once your vision return to common after delivery.

Although blurry vision throughout pregnancy is common, permit your physician know about any alters in vision. This is important due to the fact that vision transforms can be an early sign of gestational diabetes. This is high blood sugar prompted by pregnancy.

Vision troubles can likewise signal high blood pressure or preeclampsia. Your doctor can monitor your condition to make certain you and also your baby remain healthy.

Also, educate your physician if you have other vision changes like enhanced eye floaters, twin vision, or flashing lights.

Unfortunately, blurry vision no the just eye readjust that can occur throughout pregnancy. Part women also experience infections like pink eye during pregnancy.

Pregnancy deserve to weaken her immune system, for this reason you’re much more susceptible to infections. In addition, being pregnant have the right to decrease her peripheral vision — which girlfriend can likewise blame on changing hormones.

Sometimes, pregnant hormones will adjust the color of the skin around your eyes. The might show up darker 보다 normal.

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But while these alters during pregnancy can be stressful, don’t fear a permanent readjust in vision. In many cases, your vision will return to normal in ~ weeks that delivery. See your medical professional if you continue to have actually blurriness or various other eye difficulties after the first couple of weeks.

Pregnancy hormone can change your human body in distinct ways. Some transforms you intend — atmosphere swings, morning sickness, weight get — but other alters like blurry vision have the right to come together a finish surprise.

Just remember that this is a typical pregnancy complain that’s regularly temporary. If you have any concerns, talk to your doctor. Her doctor can determine whether blurriness is minor or as result of a much more serious difficulty like high blood press or gestational diabetes.

In the meantime, acquire plenty the rest, wear eyeglasses instead of contact lenses, and also use man-made tears to increase visual acuity.