Fishing is a favorite pastime for countless visitors to the Outer banks because the 100+ miles of coastal shoreline is a fisherman’s paradise! even if it is you walk the end to the finish of her favorite pier, actors a line right off the beach, wade out in the sound, or take it a watercraft offshore… friend never know what you will certainly reel in indigenous the regional waters. Recently, one OBX visitor learned this once he and also his son had actually the catch-of-their-lifetime.

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On February 24, angler Josiah VanFleet from Virginia, in addition to his 9-year old son and a few friends were fishing about 45-miles off the coast of Nags Head when they hooked into something most of us might only dream about seeing up close—a vast bluefin tuna.

The Atlantic bluefin tuna is a big-game varieties native to the Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea. They are known to weigh as much as 1,500 pounds although most of the ones captured commercially are half that size. In north Carolina, bluefin tuna are considered a very Migratory types (similar to various other tunas, billfish/marlin, and swordfish) through very certain bag and size limits. Bluefin tuna is a coveted food fish generally used in life dishes choose sushi. The can also be supplied for sashimi, tartare, or seared together a steak.


Once VanFleet and also his crew hooked the fish around 8:15 AM, getting it reeled in was no simple task. In fact, they recorded the totality ordeal on video which will give you just a tiny idea the the arduous process of reeling in something that size! follow to VanFleet, that took end 2 hours and four crew members aboard their 22-foot Grady White boat to reel the huge tuna in close sufficient to harpoon it. In ~ one point, the reel even required a fast fix leaving the fisherman with no other choice than to momentarily organize the line by hand. One the crew obtained the tuna come the boat, it took another 2 hrs to figure out just how to obtain it top top board and tow it earlier to shore.

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When the crew ultimately returned come Oregon Inlet, the US coastline Guard helped measure the fish i beg your pardon was approximated to be around 9 ½-feet (114.5-inches) lengthy with a girth that 83-inches approximately its belly. It sweet in about a chuck 1,000 pounds. While an approximated measurement no qualify for a human being record, the biggest bluefin tuna currently on document for being captured off the north Carolina coastline was caught in 2017 and also weighed in in ~ 877 pounds. According to the International game Fish Association, the largest recorded bluefin tuna was captured off the coastline of Nova Scotia in 1979 the weighed in at 1,496 pounds!

VanFleet’s boy pretty much sums up the whole experience in the video clip when that excitedly proclaims, “This point is for sure ginormous! five my gosh. This is the biggest fish I’ve ever before seen!” If you’re wondering what the crew did v the fish afterwards? enjoying it, that course! every in all, it took 200 pounds of ice cream to carry the fish ago home whereby it to be split among those ~ above board. Congratulations on a great catch! Read more in this post from The Virginia Pilot.

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