In the past years, protests end police brutality and racial profiling by police officers have been ~ above the rise.

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However, one thing that has actually consistently showed up during protests is the American flag that boasts the blue stripe.

But the flag, i m sorry is generally black and white with one blue stripe, has raised plenty of eyebrows. World can’t seem to agree ~ above what it signifies.

So, let’s discover the an enig answer come this question.

What walk the American flag through the blue strip mean?

The American flag with the blue strip represents support for legislation enforcement but has concerned represent the the contrary of gyeongju justice over time.

So, to part people, that is a representation of police solidarity, while come others, it is a representation of the assistance of white supremacy and also police brutality. The blue represents the blue color of the police uniform.

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What Is The background Of The American Flag v The Blue Stripe

The American flag through the blue strip is well-known as the “Thin blue line” flag. The hatchet “the thin blue” came prior to the flag.

The widely supplied term originated from the “Thin red line.” The thin Line is a formation of a regiment of the British army in the 1854 fight of Balaclava. In this battle, a Russian mounties charge had to face the unyielding Scottish highlanders.

This battle is one of the most talked-about war of the Crimean war. The fight got heavy publicity, and it came to be a muse for many artists. Girlfriend would find paintings of the fight in countless art museums.

The hatchet “Thin red line” is at this time in use for firefighters. The term spread out its reach into other professions—for example, A slim white heat of Bishops.

The very first recorded usage of the hatchet “Thin blue line” was in Mel Anderson’s city titled The thin blue line. This poem, released in 1911, was about the united state Army.

It was adjusted from “The slim red line” and the reality that the uniform the the US army was blue in the eighteenth century. This city was renowned in the military between the eighteenth and also nineteenth centuries.

There is no recorded day of the very first time the term gained used for police officers. Yet there are noteworthy moments once a dignitary or leader used it to describe police officers.

For example, in 1922, Richard Enright used the phrase once he to be a police commissioner. In the 50s, the term came to be rampant. The was also the surname of a tv show produced by the police department.

Bill Parker, Los Angeles police chief, described that the term was the slim line between law and also order and also political and social anarchy.

In the 70s, the term moved from something provided once come a regularly used term in the different police departments in the joined States. It was common among police officers, police supporters, movies, books, and also newspapers come talk about the police.

The term got popularity and also thrived for a lengthy time, until people started to progressively distrusting the police, consisting of what they stand for ~ above the issues of racism.

Where Is The Flag v The Blue stripe Displayed?

The slim blue heat flag is sometimes displayed alone or with the American flag. End the years, it has gotten included to different items, favor facemasks, apparel items, and different forms of design.

How walk The thin Blue heat Flag end up being So Controversial?

The things the flag signified started to adjust as time go on. Members of legislation enforcement to speak it represents solidarity and pride in a risky and professionally demanding job. So, every time a police officer has the thin blue heat flag on them, that signifies their acceptance and pride in your job. It additionally signifies that lives issue too.

When a police supporter has the slim blue heat flag, it signifies the they recognize and respect the initiative the police officers put into their work. The is simply in assistance of law enforcement.

In recent times, numerous citizens think it has become a prize of white supremacy. The debate following the flag started years back.

But one of the most significant representations the backed up plenty of people’s opinion of the flag and also what it stands for was the fact that world flew it in ~ the white superior rally in Charlottesville, Virginia. It was also on the facemasks that the police officers at the black lives matter protests in 2020.

The reality that law enforcement agents decided to “subtly” push a blue lives matter project (with the flag on your facemasks) when the black ar was reliving years of racial injustice and police brutality since of the death of George Floyd to be questionable.

It is not helping the extremist groups and conservative activists have adopted the flags together well. The authority of American regulation enforcement has actually been carried into question, and also there is no going back from it. Black civilization want accountability, specifically from the human being who should defend them.

Many people have mentioned that a “simple” flag can cause so much department on what the entire police pressure represents. Climate the speak to for police reform is a hundreds percent necessary.

Can Civilians usage The American Flag through The Blue Stripe?

Yes, civilians have the right to use the slim blue stripe. The is currently easily available on various items and also in different designs. Police supporters or various groups with different agendas can use it.

A agency called thin blue line, USA, produces merch with the blue strip in different designs.

Thin Blue Line, USA

Andrew Jacob is the founder the the slim Blue line USA. He to be a white college student as soon as he watched the protest the the brutal killings of Eric Garner, Tamir Rice, and Micheal Brown.

Jacob spotted the blue strip on stickers and also different items however never on a flag. He likewise says that attended the burial of an officer that was murdered ~ above duty when in high school.

All these prompted him to begin the slim blue line USA. He began it to assistance the joined States regulation enforcement. The firm solely focuses on selling pro-police t-shirts, flags, jewelry, neckwear, and also so on.

Jacob has actually said the the item made and also marketed by thin Blue heat USA have no link to the promo of racism, bigotry, bias, or Politics.

He has proclaimed several times that the sole aim of the organization is to support legislation enforcement and also not for any type of political affiliations. So, lock disassociated themselves from the Charlottesville campaign.

Stories have suggested that Jacob’s firm was his white person’s racist solution to the black color lives matter protest. He vehemently refuse this story. Although, that agrees that he may have actually seen the slim blue line throughout one that the plenty of pro-police reactions after black people protested against police brutality at that time.

Jacob constructed the firm at a time when the blue lives issue movement was resurfacing. Due to the fact that frankly speaking, the lot of police murder had actually taken a plunge from what it remained in the 70s and 80s.

Is The American Flag through The Blue strip In Line v The Flag code Of The joined States?

No, the isn’t in line through the United states flag code. Weeks ago, south Windsor’s city council voted for the flying of a “Thin blue line” flag in the facility of city on a town government flagpole. This resolution acquired shut down.

The flag code of the United claims is a commonwealth law. The code mentions just how citizens must treat and use the flag. The flag shouldn’t have actually anything attached or on it, whether a mark, letter sign, number, figure, drawing, or words. The flag should at every times be on screen as the is without any altering.

It likewise states the you need to not usage the flag for any type of declaring or publish on boxes, napkins, or temporary items. Neither have to you embroider or imprint the flag on items like handkerchiefs or other similar items.

So, the code offers the protocol because that the flag. However there are no after-effects for violating the protocols. The first amendment to the constitution offers citizens the appropriate to express themselves freely. In bespeak words, a citizen of America deserve to boldly deface the United says flag and also get the backing the the can be fried Court.


The black color lives issue movement started due to the fact that of the ill-treatment of black human being in America and worldwide. And as lot as blue lives issue too (black people agree), black lives have gone to the receiving finish of brutality and unwarranted killings indigenous the police for years.

The thin blue heat flag, which may have actually positive effects for the police, has created more department than influence to the citizens, especially the blacks. So, maybe the police need to review that is significance.

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This post is an introduction of The American flag with a blue stripe, its significance, and also its controversies.