Ree Drummond is an simple American housewife who’s made a little of a name for herself on the internet. From she blog, The Pioneer Woman, she’s made an affect sharing recipes, life stories, and also more. Personally, she blog was a huge inspiration because that me to start cooking frequently and to begin The Cookware Geek.

Recently, she teamed up v cookware manufacturers in stimulate to create her own line the speckled porcelain cookware.

Available at Walmart and also Amazon, this cookware is quite nice. It’s relatively cheap, medium quality, and has a good non-stick surface — more about that later on in the review. The Pioneer mrs cookware collection is giving a many to speak about.

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The Pioneer mrs has likewise released comparable cookware lines with much more pieces. This review concentrates on the 10-piece vintage speckled porcelain line.


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2 Why Porcelain?6 quick review: Pros and also Cons

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Here’s what every The Pioneer woman Cookware set (10-piece) includes:

8″ pre-seasoned cast iron frying pan9.5″ frying pan1.1 qt saucepan with lid2.5 qt saucepan v lid5.5 qt Dutch cooktop with lid4.2 qt jumbo cooker with lid

The set is obtainable in lot of colors, often at slightly different prices. Girlfriend can gain a collection in black, linen, red, or turquoise. No matter which set you choose, the cast iron frying pan will be black.

Why Porcelain?

You’ve probably read somewhere the Teflon is poor for you. A couple of years ago, there to be a large fuss around how many chemical non-stick coats to be made. The manufacturers insisted everything was safe, of course, but they’ve because dramatically adjusted the method that they produce Teflon and other non-stick coatings.

It’s unclear whether or no the original Teflon was actually poor for you. You can discover information that supports both sides. What is clear is that ALL Teflon, even the new stuff, starts to gain pretty unsafe at high temperatures. At over 500 degrees, practically every modern chemical non-stick will begin to release toxicity fumes.

You probably won’t cook over 500 degrees an extremely often, however it’s not impossible to leave her pan top top high heat for also long and also reach even higher temperatures. This means that chemistry non-stick coatings aren’t a great idea if you’ve got children in the home or if you’re not a cautious cook.

100% non-stick

Porcelain is an excellent natural non-stick alternative. It’s a type of clay the becomes really smooth and strong when fired. When offered in cookware, it forms an reliable non-stick coating that’s very pretty come look at. Unlike Teflon, it’s rather scratch-resistant, it’ll never ever flake off, and you don’t have to worry around it releasing toxic fumes at high temperatures.

 All the pieces use enameled porcelain as the food preparation surface for most of the pots and pans. They’re simply as non-stick as a Teflon pan would be, and also you get every one of the services above. You can easily fry eggs without using any sort that fat whatsoever.

But I have to say that this particular porcelain coating isn’t together resistant as others ~ above the market. Numerous buyers had reported the the coating starts to peel off roughly the 1-year mark.

Porcelain lifespan

The fence to this an excellent material is that it’s got a lifespan of about 3 years at most. Unequal stainless steel or cast iron , which could last girlfriend your entirety life, you’ll more than likely want to replace your porcelain cookware after 2 to 4 years of use. It’ll eventually start to obtain much less non-stick and also become far more an overwhelming to chef on. With suitable care, you can extend this lifespan a bit. You still shouldn’t plan on these pots and also pans sticking around forever.

Just to it is in clear: if the non-stick coating in this pans won’t release toxic gas, friend still shouldn’t leaving them unattended ~ above high heat. You deserve to still damage the material in the cookware, especially the handles.


Oven and also Dishwasher Safe

One of the best draws come The Pioneer Woman set is the reality that you have the right to throw the in the dishwasher. If you’re a lazy cleaner prefer me (I love come cook but the dishes space my nightmare), you deserve to simply put each pot, pan, or lid in the dishwasher once you’re done. Hand washing this set is nice easy, however. A fast rinse and also a wipe will totally clean turn off the enameled porcelain surface.

Oven security is a nice neat feature that’s absent from many contemporary cookware lines. As manufacturers litter on rubberized handles and other an intricate gadgets, they quickly create complicated pots that you can’t put in the oven. The Pioneer woman cookware heat is stove safe to 400 degrees. The cast iron pan is cooktop safe to quite a little higher, too. This means you can keep your dishes warm or simply use your pots and pans together baking dishes for most recipes.

The 400-degree limit is just one of the few downsides come this set. Girlfriend can’t chef a steak on this pan and also then litter it under the broiler without making use of a different dish. All metal cookware sets will regularly have a max range temperature that 500 levels or more, i m sorry is much more than sufficient for almost all house cooking.

User Friendly

When you’re actually making use of a cookware set, you have tendency to fixate ~ above a fully different set of features. The beautiful exterior girlfriend admired a moment earlier doesn’t matter anymore. Instead, you’ll notice how cool the take care of is, how well the lid fits, and also whether her food cooks evenly across the entirety pot or pan.

Luckily, the Pioneer woman line has all of these attributes covered. It’s gained well-fitting glass lids with heavy steam holes, enabling you to check out your food preparation without having actually to release all of the trapped heat. The handles and lids are made v an oven-safe material that block heat an extremely well, for this reason you can handle your pots and also pans quite safely while friend cook. Finally, (and perhaps most importantly), the pans distribution heat an extremely evenly throughout the entire cooking surface.

Unique Features

The most notable component of this collection is the consists of a pre-seasoned actors iron frying pan. Actors iron has actually been the rage among internet food preparation discussions for countless years now. It provides a number of unique functions that can’t be suitable by various other cookware types. Girlfriend don’t need a full line of cast iron cookware, but it’s pretty pretty to have actually a single frying pan the you deserve to use as soon as you need it.

The primary benefit of actors iron is the means it handle the heat. Unequal other varieties of cookware, actors iron pans take it a really long time to warmth up. Once they warmth up, however, they maintain that temperature for a lengthy time. They’re much safer to use at high temperatures 보다 other varieties of cookware because they’re made completely of a really strong type of metal. If you desire to sear a steak on an extremely hot pan, a cast iron skillet is the best way to execute that.

The big downside of actors iron is that it’s not normally non-stick. In order to combat this, cooks work a slim layer of cooking oil into the peak of your pans end time. This layer is called “seasoning,” and is pretty effective at maintaining things native sticking. Cast iron proponents will tell you the their pans are much slipperier than Teflon pans. On the various other hand, seasoning a pan is a relatively arduous process. Seasoning have the right to last a lifetime, yet it’s virtually immediately destroyed if her pan ever before comes into call with any type of sort of soap.

The cast iron pan in the Pioneer mrs line comes pre-seasoned, so friend don’t need to worry about seasoning that yourself. All you have to do is make certain that you avoid using laundry detergent to wash it. If you do, you’ll need to replace the seasoning, a process that have the right to take a couple hours.

Quick review: Pros and Cons


Good price/quality relationship100% non-stickDishwasher safeVintage aesthetic


A quick lifespan (2-4 years)The vibrant exterior may get some damage after permanent use.

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Final Verdict

The Pioneer mrs Vintage Speckel set makes a quite solid enhancement to many kitchens. It’s gained a distinct rustic aesthetic that’s subtle enough to right in with any sort the decor or dinnerware, yet colorful enough to be memorable. The pots and pans are well made, straightforward to clean, and wonderful to use.

They deliver quick, also heat, they’re stove safe, and the lids and also handles remain cool while friend cook. Finally, the cast iron frying pan is a great addition. It’s a good tool to have actually in any kitchen, whether you usage it every night or just once or twice a year to experiment. If you want a 100% for sure non-stick cookware set maybe you have to look to other cookware sets choose bialetti.

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Because, also if it breaks my heart, I have to say the high quality of the nonstick coating isn’t the finest for the price.

I really hope that this review has actually been valuable to you. In case you want a non-stick set that doesn’t have Teflon or porcelain, you deserve to read my list of the finest ceramic cookware out there.