100% Cotton6.1 oz, 100% cotton - PreshurnkPolice resides MatterThin Blue line FlagFront print and ago Print.

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This shirt to be an significant purchase! ns don’t job-related in legislation enforcement, however I’m ex military and I assistance hardworking they need to endure. I was currently getting dirty look at my first day ns wore this. Ns love reflecting my pride for the country and also the hardworking Americans. It fits really well and it’s do with quality in mind.
Love the logo and message, yet the high quality of the Tshirt fabric is an extremely low grade. The shirt is an extremely stiff and lacks every comfort. Remain away, uneven you prefer thick and also unbreathable fabric.
ns agree with various other reviewers. The material is thick and also does not breath. I wanted to show my assistance for regulation enforcement by making use of this as a practice and/or running shirt. Might be good in colder weather, but include a tiny heat and also humidity and also this shirt is miserable.
Graphics no aligned / leveled. Had to return and also they charged me for shipping in spite of the trouble being ~ above their quality control. Execute NOT BUY native THIS merchant
to buy to support our men and women in blue - shirts shrunk some after washing/drying so I would recommend buy increase one size -
mine dad wears this shirt a lot and also has washed it a ton of times, it"s shade didn"t fade and it did no shrink, great quality he loves that
i will begin with shipping, did salary extra to get order faster, and it did arrive with in simply 3 days. So that was great. The shirt has not been given as a gift yet. It"s because that a family member who was just embraced into a police cadet program. I was a little bit disappointed in the feel and also size that the shirt. Shirt appears to be a bit rough and also just looks prefer it can really shrink up. That"s whereby the size issue comes in. I ordered a large, yet it looks really small and narrow for a large. Sure hope these concerns don"t prove to be true. This is why ns only offered 3 stars because of stormy fabric and also sizing. The actual look at of the print architecture is fine.

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