If you’ve to be a Patriot wood customer for long, friend probably understand that among our most renowned wood flags is the Thin Blue Line lumber Flag commemorating fallen legislation enforcement officers and symbolizing the partnership of legislation enforcement in the neighborhood as the protectors that civilians from criminal elements. What you might not know is that the slim Blue heat emblem likewise gave birth to the the "Thin Red Line," which refers to the fire department. So, what go that mean for firefighters?

At it’s essence, the slim Red line is a symbol offered by fire departments to present respect for firefighters injured and also killed in the line of duty.

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Patriot Wood’s slim Red Line wood Flag integrates the influential red stripe of the slim Red line emblem right into a black-and-white variation of the American flag because that a beautiful and also symbolic combination.


The ax “thin red line” originated throughout the Crimean War when British Sutherland Highlanders 93rd Regiment, aided through a small force of royal Marines and also some Turkish infantrymen, routed a Russian mounties charge at the battle of Balaclava ~ above October 25,1854.

The battle began with a Russian artillery and also infantry assault on the footrest forts that created Balaclava’s very first line that defense. The Ottoman pressures initially withstood the Russian assaults, but lacking support they were ultimately forced to retreat. As soon as the forts fell, the Russian cavalry moved to communicate the 2nd defensive line organized by the Ottoman and also the 93rd Highland Regiment. This line’s main duty was come hold and repulse the attack. And they sure did.

On that day the 93rd Regiment earn the nickname "The Fighting Highlanders," and also carried through it the status of having actually been the original "Thin Red Line". This impressive feat positioned the Allies (France, the joined Kingdom, the ottoman Empire, and Sardinia) to defeat the higher proportion the the mounties advance, forcing the Russians top top the defensive.

A distant bystander and also press writer because that The Times, W. H. Russell, reported the nothing stood in between the Russian cavalry and the defenceless brother base but the "thin red streak tipped with a heat of steel of the 93rd" a description automatically paraphrased and also passed into folklore together "The thin Red Line."

Since the day in October of 1854, the term “thin red line” stood as a common figure of speech for any thinly spread military unit stop firm versus attack. You deserve to see a clear illustration the what this looked favor in Robert Gibb’s well known 1881 painting, The slim Red Line.

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Today, the ax “Thin Red Line” is a symbol offered by fire departments to display respect for firefighters injured and killed in the heat of duty. Together firefighters room periled, they ar their lives 2nd to those they protect. Castle are required to confront their very own fears and also grasp because that every ounce of courage to execute the important task. “The slim Red line of Courage” to represent the last oz of vessel firefighters discover deep in their blood to conquer their darkest fears in order come save and protect life and also property.


For firefighters, your friends, and also family, The thin Red line Flag is full of meaning. One the we only know due to the fact that of thousands of years the blood, sweat, and tears. If you’d favor to learn much more about Patriot Wood’s wood version of the slim Red line Flag, examine it out here!