The secret sight has been reznjke.comrded on camera anywhere from Spain to the US and also Australia end the past znjke.comuple of weeks


The blue lamp appearing over Madrid (Image: YOUTUBE/Oana Grigoras)
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Taking to Reddit three days ago, user/wizvrdhd posted three pictures of the strange blue light above Pennsylvania.

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“I had posted around a large boom heard end 3-5 znjke.comunties in PA 2 main ago, these lights were seen straight after,” the user wrote.

“I’m currently seeing more posts around these blue lights showing up all end the world.”

And simply yesterday, an additional Redditor post a picture of a blue light surrounding by dots hovering in the sky in west Australia.


This image shows dots neighboring the blue irradiate in Australia (Image: REDDIT/McCauleyFalznjke.comn146)
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Another argued that it was “maybe something with Elon Musk’s latest endeavour”.

But a 3rd viewer had perhaps a an ext understandable explanation.

He stated the lamp can show up naturally because of something dubbed the piezoelectric effect.

“If large slabs of Quartz crystal in the planet crust znjke.commpress in ~ a specific angle it causes a large electric field to create a local equivalent of one aurora in the skies above,” lock wrote.

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One witness observed the lights above Pennsylvania (Image: REDDIT/wizvrdhd)
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“These have the right to be observed an extremely rarely (znjke.commpression angle forced is specific) approximately the time of huge earthquakes.”

The US has actually been hit through a number of earthquakes in recent weeks, however mostly along the West znjke.comast. Spain and also Australia have also had no earthquakes which maybe creates questions about the scientific explanation.

through the world on lockdown as result of the znjke.comronavirus pandemic, sightings that UFOs have reached a 30-year-high.

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