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Many new Yorkers to be surprised to look increase on Thursday night and also see the night skies illuminated one eerie, azure blue.

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One video clip showed the irradiate pulsating different colors at one point.

Despite the numerous comparisons to aliens and UFOs, officials had a perfectly regular explanation for the light: A transformer fire at the Con Edison utility site in Queens. New York police stated the fire was under manage as of 9:40 p.m. And also no injuries were reported.

Mayor bill de Blasio’s spokesman Eric Phillips tweeted the the lights to be attributable to a ‘‘blown transformer’’ at the kings facility. He claimed there to be scattered power outages, including at LaGuardia Airport.

But power had actually been mostly restored to LaGuardia by 11 p.m. And also the airport was resuming typical operations. Travelers to be still request to examine with their carriers because that updated trip information.

Con Edison said it had revitalized all major transmission lines linked with the event and also was in the procedure of investigate the reason of the failure.

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ADVISORY: The lights you have actually seen throughout the city show up to have actually been native a transformer explosion at a Con Ed basic in Queens. The fire is under control, will upgrade as much more info becomes available. Follow
ConEdison location. The Department has actually received many calls for reports the explosions in the long Island City and Astoria areas.

— FDNY (

Investigating a transformer explosion in ~ Astoria east & North monarchs Con Ed strength plant. Please protect against 20th Ave & 31 st.

— NYPD 114th Precinct (

Fire officials said they to be fielding numerous calls for reports the explosions in the lengthy Island City and Astoria areas.

The city Transit Authority stated power outages to be affecting 7 trains.

This was the second major incident entailing Con Edison in the last six months. In July, a vapor pipe explode spewed asbestos-laden vapor right into the waiting in Manhattan’s Flatiron District, driving hundreds of people from your homes and businesses.

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Meanwhile, some people began sharing their photos and also videos that the strange irradiate on social media.

Did miscellaneous just take place at Con Edison? every the lamp went out and also then came ago and there is a blue light and smoke where the network is in Astoria. Pic.twitter.com/jOKH2d3AzJ