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The mount Saint Helens Washington Toutle Tr238 is the primary trail, developing loop options with Blue Lake steed Tr237, or as soon as bikes are permitted then use sheep Canyon Tr240, Loowit Tr216 and also Butte Camp Tr238A.

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Portions the Toutle Tr238 are an ideal for skiing and the adjacent FR83 Marble hill Sno-Park has actually a well emerged XC Ski trail system.

Area Sno-Parks

Marble mountain Sno-Park ski trails include: 8300 Trail, 8312 Trail, June Lake Ski Tr216B, pine tree Martin Ski Tr245E, Sasquatch Ski Loops #236, #236A, #236B, Swift Ski Tr244, #244A, #244B, #244C, and the Wapiti Ski Loops #245A, #245B, #245C, #245D, #245G

This outer trail loop is periodically closed come biking and also the standing is posted at the TH.

A figure 8 loop using Toutle Tr238, Blue Lake horse Tr237 and a tiny section that FR81 is 12mi through a total climb the 2275".


Marble mountain Sno-Park, Wapiti, Sasquatch and also Swift XC Ski Trails Topo Map (click come enlarge)

The Toutle Tr238 to lamb Canyon Tr240 to Loowit Tr216 come Butte Camp Tr238A lollipop loop is 13mi, through 3500" ascent and a 15% incline on the Loowit Tr216 section.

Toutle, Loowit, sheep Canyon CW Loop elevation Profile Map

There is also a brief but funny connector trail between Toutle Tr238 and Blue Lake equine Tr237, which need to be ridden indigenous the Blue Lake TH as result of ankle-deep pumice gravel.

Toutle Tr238 proceeds south come the Kalama horse camp and that is also worth checking out. A shuttle could be better for that ride, or climb ago to the TH top top FR81.

Plenty the hiking methods on the southern flanks that Saint Helens, with St Helens Climbing route Tr216H and also Ptarmigan Tr216A for the much more adventuresome.

Ape cave is renowned with day hikers and also families. The .75mi Lower cave takes about one hour round-trip to complete, with amazing features such as the meatball and railroad tracks.

The meatball is cooled lava which fell from the lava pipe ceiling if lava to be still flowing and the rail tracks room formations follow me the next of the once-flowing lava.

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The 1.5mi Upper cavern is much more challenging, climbing over 27 boulder piles and an 8-foot (2.5m) high lava fall, exiting v a metal ladder then returning ~ above Ape cavern Tr239.

Directions: watch Map. SR503E to FR83N to FR8303W to FR81. View bigger Map. No Map?.

deep pumice gravel

Blue Lake Area Topo Map

TH: walk north indigenous the Red Rock pass TH, through the boulder field and cross several creeks. 1.1mi: pass the Butte Camp Tr238A intersection, then happen Butte Camp Dome. 2.8mi: pass the Blue Lake equine Tr237 intersection, then pass an additional connector on the right before reaching the FR8123 TH at 3.2mi. Head north to Blue Lake and also then to the north Blue Lake horse Tr237 TH. 5.2mi: Go best onto Blue Lake horse Tr237, headed east then south as the trace crosses several streams which feeding Blue Lake. 7.9mi: overcome the Blue Lake Tr238 intersection and continue south. Quite than riding come FR81, there is an choice to walk left and then take Kalama Ski Tr231 earlier to the Red Rock happen TH. There are numerous smaller trails in this area, however be cautious that what shows up to be a trace is not rather a drainage wash, full of tire-sucking, 6" special gravel. 10mi: reach FR81 and go left ago to the TH.