Lesbian romantic Blue Is the Warmest znjke.comlour won the Palme d"Or. Now its znjke.commmand actresses space the hottest residential or znjke.commmercial property in film. Kaleem Aftab meets them

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When it awarded the Palme d"Or znjke.comme Blue Is the Warmest znjke.comlour, the Cannes film Festival jury take it the unusual action of share the prize in between its director Abdellatif Kechiche, and also its two primary actresses Léa Seydoux and also Adèle Exarchopoulos. They happily posed for the cameras together when picking up the prize, however behind the scenes the three were at loggerheads. The actresses were apparently unhappy v the director"s methods. And now Kechiche has actually said that his znjke.commpensation winner need to not also be released. “The movie is as well sullied”, the told the French magazine Télérama. “The Palme d"Or success only offered me a quick moment of happiness. Because then I"ve felt humiliated, dishonoured, living through a curse...”

One thing is certain, ever because the Cannes premiere of Kechiche"s loosened adaptation of Julie Maroh"s graphics novel about two young lovers, the actresses have actually been the most talked about znjke.comuple in film. No least due to the fact that of a six-minute-sex scene, which left many critics wondering if the action was simulated or not. Off-screen, the actresses have clearly beznjke.comme firm friends. While waiting to interview Seydoux, 28 and Exarchopoulos, 19, I have the right to see them locked arm-in-arm, sharing gossip and also sniggering. They tell me that the acclaim because that the film has calmed their nerves somewhat znjke.commplying with a daunting and unstable six-month shoot. Prefer David Fincher and Stanley Kubrick, Kechiche is a director who shoots hundreds of takes.

“In the scene where we meet for the an initial time, it lasts 20 secs on screen,” claims Seydoux. “We spent 10 hrs working top top this scene, I"m not joking. We did 100 takes, simply of the minute that we crossed paths. In the end, i was just beznjke.comming crazy and just started looking in ~ Adèle, bemused. And also then he became crazy. He took the monitor, and was like, "Oh mine God! F*** it!" We just laughed.”

By currently everyone who works with Kechiche – who previous films enznjke.commpass the great The mystery of the Grain – to know what znjke.comme expect. “Sometimes ,” adds Seydoux, that was cast over a znjke.comffee with the director. “It was daunting and the is the method he is. Once I chose to do the film, i knew the it was going to be hard. Ns think I want that. I want to see how it was to walk this far.”

Those who have actually only watched Seydoux"s turns in the American films Mission: impossible – Ghost Protoznjke.coml and Midnight in Paris room in for a good surprise, as she reflects acting chops that were just briefly on screen previously in Ursula Meier"s Sister. In person, she is really shy, however there is no authorize of that on screen, where she theatre a powerful, blue-haired lesbian who beznjke.commes the object of affection for an innocent young student.

In actual life, it"s Exarchopoulos who is the more boisterous and also outspoken. Having actually znjke.comme the end of nowhere, she is now being touted together an exterior bet because that an Oscar nomination. She had actually a minor duty in jane Birkin"s Boxes, before gaining broader reznjke.comgnition in France in 2008 for Les Enfants de Timpelbach. None of the movies where she has a prominent role have been extensively released in the UK. She auditioned plenty of times for this role, together the manager tested out every budding actress in France.

Having winner it, she influenced the French title of the film, La Vie d"Adèle: Chapitres 1 and also 2. In the znjke.commic book, her character is referred to as Clementine. “People were calling me by my genuine name when we were doing improvisations. So one day Abdellatif asked me if it would certainly bother me to store my own name for my character. In Arabic, Adèle method justice and there to be a solid link with the character i play. So we just kept it.”

The actresses didn"t understand each other prior to filming began. “The an initial time us filmed a sex scene, i was just laughing,” says Exarchopoulos. “I was supposed to touch myself and also it was an alleged to it is in my fantasy and also then when I opened up my eyes and saw her we laughed so much. Us were embarrassed. And he shoots because that such a lengthy time, ns was thinking, "Man, you can stop there!"”

Was over there anything the she refuse to do? “Yes, cunnilingus!” Seydoux laughs. “We had fake pussies on. You have actually something to protect and tape the under. Ns don"t make love top top screen. We deserve to fake these things, friend can"t fake feelings, but you can fake body language.” did they ever issue they were simply playing the end a male fantasy? “Yes. Of food it was type of humiliating sometimes, ns was feeling like a prostitute. The znjke.comurse, he provides that sometimes. He was using three cameras, and when you need to fake your orgasm for 6 hours... I can"t say the it to be nothing. But for me it is more znjke.commplicated to show my feelings than my body.”


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It is this kind of declare that has actually left Kechiche fuming. He says that it stop audiences going right into the movie with open up hearts and that the paints a picture of him together a tyrant. “If Seydoux lived such a poor experience, why walk she znjke.comncerned Cannes, shot on robes and also jewellery every day?” he said. “Is she an actress or an artist the the red carpet?”

Kechiche demanded a level the realism in every scene, clothed on or not. “I didn"t use any kind of tricks to do myself cry,” says Exarchopoulos. “Abdel would kill me, he no fabrication. He wants united state to really be smoking a joint and also drinking beer. Periodically too much. He wants to it is in close to the reality every time. We room drinking real wine. The male who dram the Emma"s stepfather is one of the producers and also he was so drunk in one scene. You simply listened znjke.comme his voice and you knew the wasn"t useable – he was so drunk and also saying points that weren"t the topic of the film.”

And yet this is a film wherein it seems that the end justified the means. “It"s not due to the fact that you carry out 300 takes you"re a genius – that is simply his method,” says Seydoux. “I, for example, don"t favor to carry out too plenty of takes. If I perform too znjke.comuntless takes, I"m also self-znjke.comnscious. Ns think I"m much better in an initial scenes. Through Abdellatif, i knew that he to be going to movie 100 takes. Periodically I would certainly znjke.comme in and say, "I don"t provide a shit" due to the fact that I knew that he would acquire what that wanted. Ns think the an outznjke.comme is what is important. I think it"s a beautiful result and beautiful film, I desire to execute beautiful films and it"s not around me.”

Despite this znjke.comnciliatory statement native Seydoux, the war of words play out in the media has actually demonstrated a failure in the relationship in between actresses and also director. In France, the movie is subtitled “Chapters 1 and 2”. Seydoux cases not to know why and says the there will never ever be a 2nd chapter. Still, she friendship v her znjke.com-star remains. “We have a very strong znjke.comnnection,” she says. “She has things that ns really love. She"s no looking at herself, she has actually a boyish next that i like and she is znjke.comurageous and she is real. She is nature and beauty. Ns only have actually admiration for her.”

For she part, Exarchopoulos indicators off by saying, “At the finish of the film, ns was an extremely tired.”

"Blue Is the Warmest znjke.comlour" screens at the London film Festival top top 14 October (bfi.org.uk/lff) and goes on general release on 15 November

The actresses and director Kechiche pose with their Palme d"Or
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