A Cappella Masterpieces

The males in Home Free are no strangers come covering contemporary country hits.

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Some of your most famous cover videos in current years have been the more contemporary songs, such as Maren Morris‘ “My Church” and Thomas Rhett‘s “Die a Happy Man.”

You also may it is in happy to hear another song the everyone’s favorite a cappella group has covered…Keith Urban‘s “Blue Ain’t your Color.”

“Blue Ain’t your Color” to be released in respectable 2016 as the fourth single off the Urban’s album Ripcord. The smooth, bluesy tune was an quick hit, and cruised every the way the number one spot on the nation chart.

It controlled to host on to the optimal spot for an impressive total of 12 continually weeks.

What Their inspiration Was

Home Free’s tenor harmony singer plunder Lundquist told Fox News that after hearing the song, the team instantly want to document their own version:

When we very first heard the song, us knew that we had actually to make a Home totally free arrangement,” the said.

The group opted to continue to be true to the song’s original style, however their setup takes ~ above a bit an ext of “an old-school Motown feel,” as described by base singer Tim Foust. It was that same classic vibe that Foust and the remainder of the group brought to their official music video for the song, i beg your pardon they released in march 2017.

Shot in front of a gold, tinsel-like background, the video shows all 5 members the Home free standing in a directly line with microphones in former of them.

Home cost-free / YouTube

Lundquist bring away the lead on the an initial part that the song prior to baritone harmony singer Adam opportunity takes over later on.

In addition to your stunning vocal talents, the Home cost-free guys also showed turn off a few smooth dance moves in the video. The dancing added further come the Motown vibe they were going for, and also offered even more charm to your performance.

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What else have the right to we say? These males wowed us as soon as again! We’re certain you’ll be equally impressed once you watch their dazzling cover of “Blue Ain’t your Color” in the clip below.