Daisy Lewellyn is being remembered ~ above Friday, April 8, following her fatality at the period of 36.

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"We are devastated to learn that Daisy Lewellyn indigenous Bravo"s Blood, Sweat & Heels has passed away this morning ~ a fight with a rare form of Cancer. Daisy happen on in peace and filled through joy, surrounded by her family and friends. We are all saddened to shed this wonderful woman. Our thoughts and also deepest sympathy space expressed," a Bravo spokesperson stated in a statement.

"We are extremely saddened in ~ the news that the passing of Daisy Lewellyn," Leftfield pictures said in a statement. "We will miss out on her tremendous spirit and also heart, and also extend our deepest sympathies to her family and friends."

In addition, Daisy"s Blood, Sweat & Heels castmates and Bravo"s Andy Cohen additionally remembered the late style expert.

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"Daisy had such wonderful contagious energy. Us were every rooting for her," the Watch What wake up Live organize wrote ~ above Twitter the following the news of her passing. "Another good one is gone."

Daisy had actually such wonderful transmittable energy. Us were every rooting for her. Another great one is gone.

— Andy Cohen (
Andy) April 8, 2016

Melyssa Ford paid tribute to her girlfriend on Instagram, writing, "Her light and spirit will certainly be sorely missed."

i literally dreamed of her last nite... Probably it was as she to be saying goodbye to all of us. The shock is attract off and also full swollen grief is setup in. Ns cannot believe Daisy is gone. My heart breaks for she family. She light and also spirit will be sorely missed. ❤