If friend don"t have a My acceleration account, you have to register for the service prior to you can choose to block phone call or message messages from specific numbers. There is no border on the variety of callers you deserve to restrict. Furthermore, after ~ blocking a particular number, you have the right to later return to the website to modify your preferences and unblock it.

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Sign up because that My Sprint adhering to the indict in the registration page (see Resources) and then sign in to your account.

Click "My Preferences," and then choose "Limits and also Permissions."

Press "Block Voice" and form the phone number you desire to block. Pick "Block all Inbound Calls" native the drop-down menu to activate this option, climate click "Save" to conserve your settings.

Select "Block Texts" from the Limits and Permissions window and then pick "Block only These Numbers for Inbound and also Outbound text Messages."

Type the number you wish to block in the "Add Number" field and also press "Save" to conserve your preferences and prevent the unwanted caller from sending out you message messages.

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