(znjke.com) - undesirable calls space a pain. Even if it is they"re cheat calls from fake firms, or also genuine sales calls from insurance suppliers or call carriers. Thankfully, there"s a method around it. You deserve to block numbers on plenty of Android phones this days, and the process of doing therefore is very simple.

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So even if it is it"s a number friend don"t recognise persistantly call you, or just a sales call you couldn"t be less interested in, monitor the measures below.

With a couple of manufacturers making use of their own phone app, the process can be contempt different relying on which phone you have, yet it"s mostly similar. Regardless, we"ve broken down a couple of of the an ext popular brand below.

Most Android phones

If you have a Pixel, OnePlus or various other Android phone favor an affordable Nokia or Motorola phone call that mainly uses Google"s own stock apps as the defaults, your process is easy.

Open the phone call appTap on the "Recent" tabTap and also hold/long push the number you desire to blockSelect "Block/Report spam"

After you"ve clogged it, you can view your blocked number in the Phone application by tapping the three dots in the optimal corner, picking "Settings" and then "Blocking settings". In this next display screen you"ll see "Blocked numbers". If you"ve added one through mistake, and also need to eliminate it native the list, simply press the "X".

Samsung phones

If you have actually a Samsung, you may not be using Google"s very own phone app, you"ll be using the one Samsung has actually designed and developed because that its own version the Android.

Open the call appSelect "Recents" tabTap on the number you want to blockTap top top the "i"Select the "Block" icon on the bottom bar

To watch your list of blocked numbers, tap top top the three-dot menu icon in the optimal right corner of the call app"s key screen. Select "Settings" and then "Block numbers".

Huawei/Honor phones

Huawei and Honor phones use Huawei"s own EMUI software developed on height of Android, and the process is similar, but just a little different. Follow the steps below to block numbers on your EMUI 10 phone.

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Open the phone appTap the "i" symbol next to the phone number you desire to blockTap the 3 dot "More" icon at the bottom the the screenSelect "Block contact"

If, for every little thing reason you need to see a list of her blocked numbers, every you need to do is open up the phone call app and tap the 3 dot menu icon in the height right corner and select "Blocked", currently tap the setups cog icon in the peak corner. The next display has "Blocklist" ~ above it. Tap on this and also you"ll see a list of any type of blocked numbers.

Oppo/Realme phones

While more recent Oppo phones (from Android 11 onwards) use Google"s phone app, larger models don"t. They have actually their own constructed into their own ColorOS skin, as carry out Realme phones, and so the procedure is different again. In the enlarge versions that ColorOS, the procedure is as follows: