The Blizzard that 1949 isconsidered among the worst on document for the north Plains. The first storm started January 2 and continued v January 5, with hefty snow, strong winds and also cold temperatures.Subsequent storms through mid-February created enormous eye drifts the paralyzed much of the region. Roads and also railroads to be blocked, so airplanes were supplied to lug food and also medical supplies to isolated towns and also hay to livestock.

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Daily Maps because that January 2 and 3, 1949

While just one person passed away in western southern Dakota, twelve deaths were reported in Wyoming, 7 in Colorado and 20 in Nebraska. (“Some impressive Blizzards”, U.S. Room of Commerce, ecological Science services Administration, ecological Data Service, modification December 1966).

Rapid City bureau Office Meteorologist-in-Charge Fred H. McNally created “This is rated as the many severe blizzard in rapid City history, considering wind, snow and also temperature factors.” The mean wind recorded by the office Airport terminal (WBAS) in ~ the quick City Municipal airport ~ above January 3 was 51.8 mph and on January 4 to be 55.7 mph with the highest single mile the wind 73 mph . The Air pressure Base Office, throughout the field from the WBAS, report gusts in overabundance of 90 mph. Snowfall from January 2-5 ranged from several inches to number of feet. Temperature dropped listed below well zero across northwestern south Dakota.

January 1949 is the snowiest January on record for plenty of of the observing stations in the black Hills region. Snowfall during the month ranged native 12 to over 40 inches—three come eight time the normal of four to eight inches. It was likewise one of the coldest Januarys recorded, also with numerous days between blizzards getting to highs in the 50s and even 60s.

Two accounts of the storm, including an individual stories from south Dakota and also Nebraska residents, were created by Harl A. Dalstrom and also Kay Calame Dalstrom:

“It’s ‘Going down in History’: The Blizzards the 1949”, south Dakota history 29 (Winter 1999): 263-326"I’m never Going to it is in Snowbound Again: The Winter that 1948-1949 in Nebraska", Nebraska history 82 (2002): 110-166

Another account was noted by Mr. Wayne Park, who had just come at ft F.E. Warren Air force Base in Cheyenne, WY.

Readers may send your memories of the blizzard by email to w-unr.webmaster use Blizzard that 1949 as the topic line or create to national Service, 300 E. Signal Dr, rapid City, SD 57701.

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The magnitude of the storm was captured in photos by the rapid City everyday Journal:

The rail plow i m sorry bored through on the north Western heat from Pierre east of fast City ~ dynamite as offered to loosen ice-encrusted snow. Photograph courtesy that the rapid City Journal.