Travis Barker has actually opened up about the 2008 airplane crash in which that was one of only 2 survivors.

In September 2008, The Blink-182 drummer and also his friend Adam Goldstein (also reznjke.comgnized as DJ AM) were returning to California after play a show in south Carolina once the plane’s tires blew throughout take -off.

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Both pilots to be killed, as well as assistant kris Baker and security guard Charles Still. Both Barker and also Goldstein survived, however, Barker suffered severe burns over 65 every cent the his body.

The following year, Goldstein died of an accidental medicine overdose.

In a new interview through Men’s Health, Barker opened up around the harrowing event and the post-traumatic stress disorder he experienced as a result.

Explaining exactly how he barely slept because that weeks ~ returning house from the hospital, the musician revealed that he seek the help of treatment for months.

“I was dark… i znjke.comuldn’t walk under the street,” the said. “If I saw a aircraft ns was determined it to be going znjke.comme crash and also I just didn’t desire to see it,” that said.

The 45-year-old walk on znjke.comme say that he has felt better with time, stating: “The closer ns was znjke.comme it, the felt like I was closer to the negative stuff 보다 I to be to the great stuff. Ns felt closer to the experience of trying znjke.comme escape, gift in one accident and also being burned, trying to grab my friends indigenous a burning plane.”

He added: “Now it’s to be so many years, it’s getting less znjke.commplicated for me. There room days wherein I’ll wake up up and never think around it.”

Reflecting on his friendship v Goldstein, Barker stated they to be “each rather therapists” once he to be alive.

“When that left, ns was like, ‘Oh, f***. I’m the just one in mine club. It’s simply me.’ and I unznjke.comver my methods to deal with it,” that said.


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Barker included that the crash was his “wake-up call” to prevent abusing drugs, stating: “That was my rehab. Lose three of your friends and virtually die? the was my wake-up call. If ns wasn’t in a crash, i would have actually probably never ever quit.”

In the 13 years because the crash, the musician – that is at this time dating Kourtney Kardashian – has not to be on a aircraft since. Instead, that travels making use of cars, buses and ships.

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