Meet Charlie: one 11-year-old golden retriever. In 2016, Charlie’s owners Adam and Chelsea Stipe had actually to obtain his left eye removed after experiencing from glaucoma.

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A year later, the pup was forced to remove his various other eye, resulting in him come go fully blind, Today reported.

But now, the adorable golden has a brand-new pal to assist him navigate the — a 4-month-old puppy named Maverick.

The north Carolina pair brought Maverick residence in January, and though the 2 didn’t initially get along, they’ve due to the fact that become close sprout — v Charlie relying ~ above the puppy for almost everything, native walking, playing, eating, and also even utilizing him as a pillow!

“They’re both quite crazy and special,” Chelsea, who newly welcomed a new baby, called Today. “They’re certainly our entertainment.”

“When Maverick and Charlie play, it’s definitely great to watch due to the fact that Charlie turns into such a puppy,” she added to the outlet. “It’s sweet to watch them acquire along and enjoy each other.”

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As the dogs began to obtain comfortable v each other, the owner told NBC Philadelphia that Maverick began to pick up top top Charlie’s patterns and also routines.

“When they would certainly play, Maverick would realize that Charlie would lose the toy sometimes, therefore would certainly pick that up and also put it ago in prior of him come re-engage playtime,” Chelsea stated to the outlet.

Since presenting Maverick right into their home, the Stipes have developed an Instagram account to record the pups’ brand-new life at home together.

In the very first post that introduced the pups, Chelsea and also Adam joked the “Maverick is below to help Charlie around and also Charlie is trying come teach Maverick manners. 🤣 absolutely a work-related in progress.”

The remainder of the articles show the dogs playing tug-o-war, napping together, and also even posing with their new sibling.

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Within the first four work of the account’s creation, Charlie and Maverick have actually gone viral and accumulated much more than 52,000 pendant — something that Chelsea claimed was completely unexpected.

“We have absolutely been overwhelmed with the response, however it’s such a good thing,” Chelsea said Today. “We love exactly how positive the community is and how happy are making everyone.”

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