The month that May has actually been living up to its reputation for television cancellations. No too lengthy after CBS make some complicated decisions about some the its shows, alphabet cancelled 4 of that is series, and amongst the carnage to be Dax Shepard"s Bless This Mess. In light of the sad news, Shepard and also the series’ creator had the ideal responses.

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On Twitter, Dax Shepard responded to a user saddened by Bless This Mess’ cancellation news. The actor, who is renowned for his good sense that humor, quoted the tweet and had a very amusing an answer to that all. It turns out, Shepard preferred the picture used in one of the stories that covered the cancellation. Check it out:

At the very least Dax Shepard is trying to uncover the silver- lining. Bless This Mess had actually aired for two seasons before ABC chose to cancel it and two various other scripted comedies. The Goldbergs’ switched-up spinoff, Schooled, and fellow sophomore comedy, Single Parents, likewise got cancelled. In Bless This Mess, Dax Shepard starred opposite of Lake Bell, that co-created the series.

The duo play a husband and wife who leave brand-new York behind because that rural life top top a farm yard in Nebraska. For 2 seasons, fans of Bless This Mess obtained to see exactly how that decision play out. Sadly, they will certainly not continue to perform so, and also Bless This Mess’ co-creator spoke out on the bitterness news by using a pop-culture touchstone to express her feelings. Top top Instagram, Elizabeth Meriwether posted:

Yes, Elizabeth Meriwether co-created Bless This Mess and Single Parents, for this reason the dual cancellation resulted in an apropos callback come Game of Thrones’ well known Red Wedding. Meriwether’s use of together a visceral minute in TV background gives pan a strong sense of exactly how the co-creator is feeling.

Thankfully, Bless This Mess’ co-creator and also Dax Shepard both controlled to keep their senses the humor through a terrible ordeal. Shedding a show to cancellation is never ever easy. Once you add the time of the happening in a television people that is unsure the its own future in general, it needs to be specifically painful. (When will manufacturing start again, and what procedures will it entail?)

Fans will need to stay tuned to discover what Dax Shepard will obtain up to next. The is no stranger to comedies. With his run on Netflix’s The Ranch currently over, and the end of Bless This Mess bring about an opening in his slot, the skies is the limit. At this point, anything have the right to happen.

That said, i am curious if those open skies will certainly somehow cause Dax Shepard realizing his dream of play Tiger King’s Joe Exotic. Yes, Nicolas Cage will certainly play that in one TV project, however who is to say there will certainly not be more? before Bless This Mess’ cancellation, Shepard had expressed interest in play Exotic. Now, he has actually some room in his schedule.

If girlfriend are absent Dax Shepard and the idea of no seeing him in Bless This Mess, inspect him out in numerous titles ~ above Netflix, alongside new 2020 content. ABC will return with its slate of fall programming after this summer’s premieres.

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